CTC: MPs want to legalize the distribution of public funds by companies-conspirators


The Center for combating corruption state that the adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of the draft laws No. 6723 and No. 6746 legalize “cut” of public funds on purchases between related companies.

This is stated in the message of CTC from 1 April.

According to the CPC, on 2 April, the Verkhovna Rada Committee on economic policy at an extraordinary meeting scheduled to consider bills No. 6723 6746 and.

“If at least one of these bills will be passed at this session week, as suggested by the Committee, the “black list” of companies-conspirators will be destroyed. The Antimonopoly Committee will not be able to eliminate unscrupulous companies from participation in public procurement”, – stated in the CPC.

According to activists, in this case to prohibit companies that violated the competition in the result of backroom agreements between the parties, can only court.

“In fact, it would delay the process for years, while the company will continue to win government contracts”, – stated in the message Centre.

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