CEO LEOGAMING LLC Alena Shevtsova of e-Commerce

Alena Shevtsova, CEO LEOGAMING LLC, winner of the XIX national award “person of the year-2014” (nomination – “the Internet service of the year”) in an interview told about the booming industry of international Economics – electronic Commerce (E-commerce) in General, and Ukrainian in particular.
This is the sphere that includes all financial and trading transactions carried out by means of computer networks and business processes associated with conducting such transactions.
E – Commerce is:
– electronic exchange of information (ElectronisDataInterchange, EDI);
– electronic movement of capital (ElectronicFundsTransfer, EFT);
– electronic trade (E-Trade);
– electronic money (E-Cash);
– electronic marketing (E-Marketing);
– electronic banking (E-Banking);
– electronic insurance services (E-Insurance).
Over the last 20 years has rapidly increased the number of Internet users, the increased influence of social networks and other interactive online platforms, dynamically developing system of electronic payments, a leading web services are moving from a technology platform Web 1.0 to Web 2.0. This all due to the dynamic development of e-Commerce market.
Activities LEOGAMING focused on carrying out payment transactions in a network and cooperation with leading world developers of online games and gambling software, the representation and promotion of their interests in the market of electronic Commerce in Ukraine, the development of the gambling industry in network and cyber activities among the Ukrainian people.
CEO LEOGAMING LLC Alena Shevtsova emphasized that their company uses the latest Western technology. Payment service LEOGAMING provides high-quality processing operations, security of reception and transfer of funds, efficiency of transfer. It corresponds to modern international standards of e-Commerce.

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