CEO LeoGaming Alena SHEVTSOVA: ABOUT the benefits of Masterpass in front of the competitors

Alena Shevtsova, FC “Leogang Drink”, told about the benefits of Masterpass in front of the competitors. Take, for example, Privat24. It is a wonderful tool, no doubt. However, it is a tool a Bank. And Masterpass allows you to add cards of any Ukrainian Bank. That is, the client has freedom of choice. And that’s first and foremost major advantage.

“Customers of our payment Messenger bot LeoBot and applications cashless Parking Parking UA have already felt advantages of work with this tool. Transfers from card to card of any Ukrainian Bank with a single Board – no problem. Parking payment in one click. The simpler and clearer non-cash payments — the more Ukrainian people will be using them. This advantage gives Masterpass, is available and briefly explained Alena shautsova.

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