CEO LeoGaming Alena shautsova told about the benefits of cashless payments system Masterpass

Processing company of FC “Leogang Drink” – the leader on the Ukrainian market of reception of payments in online gaming – reported on the successful platform integration digital wallets, Masterpass.
CEO LeoGaming Alena Shevtsova explained that Masterpass and what is fundamentally important for the customer problem it solves.
– The explanation is more complex, which is mostly used by developers, and the second is important for a potential client. It is more simple and clear. So, Masterpass is a payment instrument through which you can make fast payments using all added to their account payment methods (Bank card, electronic purse).
Simply, Masterpass is the same purse. In fact, it combines the methods by which we pay our bills and buying goods, one – button Masterpass. By registering there, you can add card numbers e-wallets. This should be done only once. Then with any purchase or payment you simply choose the payment method from the list. It is because new development of Masterpass, which LeoGaming integrated, solves the problem of lack of ease of payment for customer. This is often the deciding factor.

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