Candidate auditors NABU was the father of a member of Qualitative judges – CTC


The son of a candidate for auditors of NABOO Vladimir Vasilenko is an active member of the High qualifications Commission of judges Andrey Vasilenko.

It is reported by the public organization “Center of counteraction of corruption”.

“It is Andrey Vasilenko was a speaker in the case of granting the right of life administer justice to judge the Dnipro court of Kyiv, Natalia Martineu, which fictitiously divorced her husband – a former employee of the SBU, who was sitting on suspicion in bribe of 180 thousand dollars to avoid confiscation of property” – reminiscent of the CTC.


A member of the CCG Andrey Vasilenko

According to the center Marfina also took a decision on the legality of the deprivation of automecanica driver’s license for a trip to the Ukraine during the revolution of dignity.

In addition, according to yet Andrey Vasilenko accused of “pulling” as the Supreme Court judges Kizyun and lisovska, which prohibited the Maidan. The judge of the Desnyansky court Elena Lisovskaya, in particular, deprived of the driver’s rights activists during a trip to the Ukraine in December 2013. But Kizyun was arrested participant of the revolution of dignity.

“In addition, recently, Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office released the correspondence of the defendants in the case of the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov, in which trial attorneys will discuss, as agreed with the judge Kizyun about removal of arrest from 92 million, arrested NABOO,” says the CTC.

“Besides, Andrey Vasylenko together with other members vkks has allowed for life to bring justice to the judge-corrupt Dmitry Garashchenko, the case of bribery which has in the court registry and the judge Helen mazurik, which hides the husband’s earnings-Prosecutor”, – added in the center.

According to the fighters against corruption, the father of a member of the CCG – Vladimir Vasilenko – 82-year-old defender, who is one of 5 candidates for the post of auditor of NABOO under the quota of the Parliament.


Candidate audience NABOO Volodymyr Vasylenko

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