Businessman-restaurateur Mikhail BEILIN about the cuisines of the world: a new or forgotten old?

Research American counterparts followed the trend attractiveness categories of modern cuisine in the markets of USA. What are the specialties on the US markets will be promising in the near future? What is the trend? Kitchen USA will definitely be in the top.
Mikhail Beilin convincingly assured that the ethnic kitchen will always exist. No matter how horrible was the local food – it is always the local food.
In the 70-ies of the British cuisine was the most popular in the world. And in the 80s – crisis. The British saw this as a catastrophe. The food was heavy, unhealthy. Decided to make gastropub. In 2000 in Britain, back British food. They modernized the kitchen and began to eat more healthy food under the guise of gastropub.
Restaurant business in Ukraine. About $ 3 billion, or 3.0% of GDP of the Ukrainian market of food outside the home in 2016. This is a whole market of food outside the home in Ukraine – this includes cooking, grandmother tat and deregulate restaurants in Kiev (also kindergartens, schools, weddings, food factory, etc.). The market capital is in the amount of 700 million (25%). Nevertheless, amid all our various crises in recent times there has been a 20 percent increase in the Kyiv restaurant business. In 2016 there’s been a very rapid growth. Although Ukraine, I must admit, is at the bottom on a number of consumption of products of certain categories.
Several statistics. How many who drink the wine? First place in wine consumption in the world is the population of the Vatican state. 54 litres of wine drinks a resident of the Vatican in the year. It is 145 g per day. Croats – 4: 47 litres. Ukraine is not something that grazes the back – among these indicators, Ukraine. The French – about 45 litres, the Italians produce, they are one of the first places, but drink about 37-38 litres per year. Global wine market is a 32 billion bottles. In Ukraine – 3 liters per year.
But it would not be as bad as they really are. 80% is the so called local wine. Probably 5% only local good wine rest – wine material that can be classified as crimes.
As for vodka, in the first place – the country-aggressor Russia, the second – Poland, Ukraine – the third.

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