Boom of patriotism in Ukraine

82% of Ukrainians consider themselves patriots of their country.


Only 13% said they did not consider themselves patriots, and another 5% were undecided.


“In all regions of Ukraine total number of Patriotic citizens more than 75%: the West such 85%, Central – 84% South – 79%, East – 76%”, – sociologists.

It also indicates that for the period of the studies recorded the highest number of those who supported the independence of Ukraine. If such a choice arose today, the independence was supported by almost 80% (in 2012 the figure was 62%), and only 13% would not support.

Most of those who supported the proclamation of independence of Ukraine, in the West (93%). In the middle of these respondents 82% in the South – 72% East 63%.

Those who hold the opposite opinion, more in the South-Eastern regions (from 20 to 25%). There are more older people, the poor and those with low levels of education.

Also increased the number of those who identificeret himself a citizen of Ukraine: from 57% in 2010 to 66% in 2018.

To the question “Who am I?” 19% of respondents identified themselves as resident of their region, town, village, 13% just call their nationality, 29% indicated that they were “just a man”.

10% of respondents named as the identifier of his family role, 9% consider themselves “citizen of the world”, 6% of respondents characterize themselves as “Soviet people” and “European”.

5%, answering the question “Who am I?”, would call their religious beliefs, 3% of the profession, occupation.

On a national basis more often identified themselves residents of the Western regions.

Association with the “Soviet man” is more typical for inhabitants of the southern and Eastern regions, older people. Identify with “European” increasingly people in the West and Centre as well as youth.

A survey by personal formal interviews took place 3-10 August. It was attended by 2,000 respondents aged 18 years and older.

The inaccuracy is less than 2.2%.

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