Bochkov demands to be reinstated force


Restored by the court in the position of Chairman of gschs Sergey Bochkovsky requires to comply with the judgment and allow him to work.

The statement he gave to the Ministry of justice, said on the air of “112 Ukraine”, lawyer Igor Fedorenko.

“The statement we have filed together with the writ of execution of the court order to the Department of State Executive service of the Ministry of justice complied with a court order to force,” – said Fedorenko.

In addition, Fedorenko said that on may 7 Bochkov went in SSES, but it is again not allowed.

“About nine in the morning we drove up to the SSES, we found that employees of the control service pass have instructions not to allow Sergey Stanislavovich. We were told that this indication of a responsible Department of personnel service,” – said the lawyer.

“After that, we filed an application in gschs, I became convinced that the court’s decision in a voluntary order is not executed, and submitted to the Executive document to execution of this judgment in enforcement,” explained Fedorenko.

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