Bass Denis returned to Kiev and started buying up real estate


After several years of living in Moscow, ex-Deputy head of Kyiv city state administration Denis bass returned to Ukraine, where immediately rushed to buy capital estate

At the time, bass was the first Deputy head of the KSCA, however, in 2012, former Ukrainian official decided to move to Russia. He spent several years in Moscow, but in the beginning of this year it became known about his return to Kiev.

Even during the stay of the bass in Russia, it was reported that he was involved with one of the richest people of this country Vladimir Yevtushenkov, who, among other things, was involved in a “Kremlin report” as close to Putin face, and is also under sanctions in Ukraine.

Returning to Kyiv this year, bass is clearly aimed at the purchase of real estate capital. Media reported that in March, his name appeared in the list of owners of capital Institute kyivproject.

We are talking about a 16-storey building on the street of Bohdan Khmelnytsky with a total area of about 25 thousand sq. m. Thanks to its strategic location, rent offices in this building for the price of about 10 dollars per square meter per month. Experts estimated the market value of the building at 16-18 million dollars.

It was reported that the team is bass going to reconstruct the building. In addition to offices, it can build luxury apartments and a shopping area.

The bass did not stop at the acquisition of Kyivproject. It was reported that the official also invested in Mall construction is the APR on Borshchagovka. It looks like the former official has decided to focus on property development business.

Some people assume that bass is buying property in Kiev to help Yevtushenkov to legalize their money in Ukraine in circumvention of the sanctions.

Denis bass began his career at JSCB PRAVEX-Bank. From 2005 to 2006, he twice got into the top five Ukrainian bankers.

In 2007, he finally turned from the banker to the official and has since held the post of first Deputy head of KGGA. Bass left the post in 2010.

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