At the city Council meeting, mayor Klitschko shut your mouth activist


On the morning of 21 June in the building of the Kyiv city Council was the scene of clashes between guards and community activists who came to demand the creation of a Museum at the Postal square.

About it “Ukrainian Pravda” reported the press Secretary of the city Council Natalia Progar.

“In the morning there was commotion at the entrance. It happened because we have a certain procedure of passage of persons into the building. And the people who came to the meeting of the city Council, journalists, activists, wanted to go in together. But security needs to check them out on the list. Came didn’t want to wait until you find them in the list. Therefore, it was not a fight but a brawl,” she said.


Prugar added that as a result of fight activists even broke the door.

As reported by the users of the social network, in the building of the Kiev administration, as well as on the street a lot of police in full riot gear.

On the street held a rally for the creation of a Museum of archaeological finds at the Postal square.


The head of the public movement “pochayna” Anabella Morin, which advocates for the creation of the Museum, said that talked about this issue with the mayor.

Spoke with Klitschko on the 1st floor of the Post. He shut me mouth. Thank you, that is not hit by Vitaly Vladimirovich, “wrote Morin in Facebook.


By words a press-the Secretary of the city Council, in a result everyone went to the lobby.

“Things have gone. Here today an unprecedented number of journalists and citizens over the issue of the Postal square” – said Progar.

Vaughn also explained what the meeting was rozpoczelo s sapsana – 11:42 – not through the power of the Museum to Postavy, and after the funeral poet I gromadska daca Ivana Drach, yaki psla part deputatu.

“Some deputies paheli promathia through vastly the quorum of the meeting was was satriales, ale vono bodø, bodø power Postova razganata, and, I think, rsena bude viklyuchno positive,” said Progar.

Won zagolosili, scho VSI meeting was mcitrate “glass, and no problems, scho mi kogos not poscam”, ale together with Tim zaklikaet colossus datamovie nutrio order msica for I prohoditi culoare after perevirka receptionists.

“TSE well for BEZPEKA of the people themselves, that coming,” pdamobile Prugar.

She also explained that the meeting started late – at 11:42 – not because of the question of the Museum on Post, and in connection with the funeral of the poet and public figure Ivan Drach, which took part deputies.

“Some deputies went to say goodbye, because of a lack of quorum the meeting was delayed, but it will be the issue of the Post will be reviewed, and, I think, the decision will be very positive,” said Progar.

She emphasized that all meetings of the city Council “vowels, and there is no problem, we don’t allow”, but nevertheless urged the public to respect the internal order of the city Council and take place in the lobby after checking security.

“It’s for the safety of the people who come,” concluded Prugar.

The mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko in the beginning of the meeting assured that the purpose of the city authorities to preserve the artifacts found during excavations at the Postal square.

He added that 21 June will consider a new draft decision elaborated jointly with the Chairman of the faction “Association “Samopomich” Sergei Gusovsky and supported by almost all factions of the city Council.

“To avoid speculation and unnecessary populism, I want to emphasize: the purpose of this document is the preservation of the artifacts found during the excavations, the continuation of archaeological work and organization on this public space!” – said Klitschko.

He also noted the need to develop a new project aimed at strengthening the excavation site, as there is a “real danger not only for archaeologists but also for residents who come to relax on the Postal area.”

The mayor also noted that if you break the contract with the investor, which is based on the Post, he “will have to return hundreds of millions of hryvnia”, which he invested in the reconstruction of the area.

“And the second: who will take responsibility if unfortified structures there, everything will collapse and the people will suffer? Is willing to take responsibility for the implementation of such “alternative” proposals?”, – summed up the Klitschko.

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