Arsenal of weapons and a sea of alcohol: what can be found in the Declaration of Mikhail Dobkin


MP from the faction “Opposition bloc” Mikhail Dobkin revealed the truth about the millions of income.

About this politician said in a Declaration in 2017.

So, last year, Dobkin earned 5.7 million. His wages amounted to slightly more than 200 thousand hryvnia. Another 253 thousand UAH policies received as compensation on parliamentary activities. 192 thousand hryvnias – the diploma of the honorary citizen of Kharkiv. 3.8 million made up credit, a 118 – percent.

In addition to money, Dobkin also stated in the Declaration of the presence of a whole Arsenal of weapons. Among them – shotguns Holland & Holland, Cosmi, МЦ10901, МЦ10912, two J. Koschat and Johan Fanzoj, and from 11 carbines (Petter Hofer, Krieghoff, two Prechtl, Mannlicher, Karl Hauptmann, Christensen Arms, Holland & Holland, Blaserr K95) and hunting knives.

Moreover, the Declaration of the infamous MP you can find 12 icons, lamps, a set of Golf clubs, 13 antique books, antique dishes, as well as a number of paintings by famous artists.

It also indicates the name of 1633 units of collectible wines, brandies, whiskey and other alcoholic beverages. To this end, even equipped with a special cellar for 195,4 per square meter in Kharkov.

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