Anna Babich: the usr will be the only source of information about the participants, OOO

– I’m one of the authors now actively discussing the new law of Ukraine “On limited liability and additional liability companies” No. 2275-VIII, which entered into force on 17 June 2018, I hope that it will contribute to the further development and prosperity of our economy and build businesses in Ukraine taking into account the best corporate practices, said Anna Babych, partner at Aequo law firm (Kyiv).

I will be happy to answer all concerns of members of company issues. One of those is the regulation on registration in the Unified state register (usr). Now the EGR will be the only source of information about the members of the society, the amount of share capital and the share of participants that is consistent with international practice. Participants are no longer dependent on the decisions of the General meeting: change of structure of shareholders will occur on the basis of statements and documents filed by the new member regardless of the will of others.

The law also amended in the procedure: in particular, modified documents, which serve as the basis for the state registration of changes in the composition of participants – the act of acceptance-transfer of shares can replace the contract of purchase and sale of the shares, the signature which notarized without significant costs for the parties. But even if the parties to the agreement wish to certify the contract of purchase and sale, exchange, gift shares, the cost of such actions? according to the new law on LLC? will be one non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens.

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