Anna Babich: Electronic court needed today

The question “are reflected in the innovation development of Ukrainians with the global trends of innovative development of legal business?” commented well-known senior lawyer, partner, head of corporate / M&A, AEQUO, the head of the Committee on corporate law and stock market of the Association of lawyers of Ukraine Anna Babych:

We want not only to follow international trends, but also to ask them, but so far we are in the very beginning. In this sense, the Ukrainian market is full of unrealized potential in the field of LegalTech.

The Ukrainian issue is to leave little space for development. We reflektiruet about changes in the country, and that’s fine. But I would like to do it in a creative way. I am very impressed by ideas that promote the opening of public data registries, their intelligence and the effective and rapid use.

Another important area are the projects like e-court is able to conduct fully automated electronic document management within the litigation process and related innovation LegalTech.

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