Alena SHEVTSOVA, LeoGaming, advises to prepare for Gamescom-2019 now

In Cologne, Germany, hosted the international Gamescom, which is one of the largest industry events in the world.
According to official information, Gamescom-2018 was attended by a record 370 thousand people from 114 countries of the world. Besides entertainment b2c area, which this year was presented to the Ukrainian Studio Frogwares and Creoteam, there is also an important part of the event profile business area, where the largest game publishers, developers and payment systems meet and establish contacts at their stands.
Alena Shevtsova, Director General LeoGaming, companies participating (for the third time!) in the annual conference at Gamescom in 2018, has shared his impressions on the forum and gave some advice to anyone planning to start work in the business area for next year.
Here are some basic rules for effective work, tested on a three-year experience from the CEO LeoGaming Alena Shevtsova of the companies that are going to visit the exhibition in the following, 2019:
1. Plan in advance. To get to serious companies “on the fly” will not work – meeting-leaves closes 3-4 months before the event. Start planning meetings for next year in October-November, with a maximum in January of the same year.
2. The most important meetings – on the first day. The first day of Gamescom – traditional “business day,” when the exhibition is filled with visitors entertainment area. Everyone is trying to catch as much as possible. Consider this and form your schedule of meetings by the formula: “1 day – 60%, 2nd day – 30%, 3rd day – 10%”.
3. Tell me about yourself no more than 2-3 minutes. Standard rule for any business meeting. Time to socialize you a little, the listener’s attention you need to attract from. State the nature of the company’s work in one sentence, and all the information on 4-5 pages the presentation. No amounts of text – short sentences with infographical give the maximum result.
4. Participate in networking. Parties, discussions, informal communication is the best way not only to fix the result of a successful and “fit in”. European and American companies are not accustomed easily to work with colleagues from Eastern Europe. It is important to understand that you not only speak the same language, but share the same values. The fewer communication barriers – the easier it is to work.
“LeoGaming – international processing company that provides payment acceptance in favor of online games, gaming services, e-wallets and creating payment solutions for businesses. In partnership with leading payment systems of Ukraine and abroad the company provides reliable and secure processing of funds transfer to the account of the user, availability of replenishment of any terminal on favorable tariff terms and conditions mutually satisfactory settlement with publishers and developers of online games.
The mission of our company is to develop a civilized market of online services and to facilitate the work of the world’s leading publishers and developers of the product in Ukraine, to create conditions for the growth of the Ukrainian economy and investment attractiveness of e-Commerce”, – said Alena shautsova in conclusion, a brief information about your company LeoGaming (“standard rule for any business meeting”).

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