Activists blocked the Postal square in Kiev


The activists, who for the second month on duty at the Postal square in Kiev closed to pedestrians the area around the excavation.
On Friday, August 10, UKRINFORM reported.

Because of this complicated passage to the River station, the transport Department of the Kyiv city administration, and other objects located nearby.

It is unknown what exactly happened, a pipe break, flooding, arising from time to time on this site. People say that is not clear whose is the responsibility.

Now to the site, arrived the Commission of the Kyiv city state administration dealing with this issue, as well as the Director of the Centre of archaeology Kyiv Institute of archaeology NAS Mikhail Sagaydak.

According to the activist Annabel Marinoi, the overlap is due to the fact that two days ago began flooding the excavations, located in the underground part of the Postal square from-for break of the main pipeline. “There was a breakthrough of water. Kyivvodocanal blocked him and this night was repaired, but as witnessed by the representatives of gschs, the flow continues from the drainage systems,” she said in comments to Interfax-Ukraine.

“Obviously the drainage system had to cope, but she was undone by the developer and does not perform its functions. Excavations are under threat. Also at risk are pedestrians, because the reliability of the building structure begs the question,” added Morin.

Activists of the protected Postal area of the brake bands and warn pedestrians about the impossibility of the passage.

It bears reminding that the Ministry of culture encouraged the decision to award the excavation on the Postal status of an archaeological monument of national importance.

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