Spivakovsky V. M.

Businessman, President of the International Corporation “Grand”, the Chairman of all-Ukrainian contest “Brand of year of Ukraine”, entrepreneur, writer, founder of the Lyceum “Grand”, twice champion of the Guinness Book of records


Vladimir Spivakovsky – the native of Krasnodar territory. Born July 16, 1952 in Sochi (Russia).


Higher education. Graduated from Odessa Polytechnic Institute, Department of Economics. Candidate of economic Sciences (1973). He defended his thesis in 1980 at the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, specialty: “Development and placement of productive forces of Ukraine”. He is fluent in English.


1973 – 1975 worked at the black sea shipping company as a programmer. Still remembers the names of all 380 ships. His task, as a programmer, was to minimize the cost of passing ships on the routes. For 2 years he earned the company $ 50 million. So he was invited to the Academy of Sciences. In the graduate school.
1975 -1981 – Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, postgraduate student, Junior researcher.*
1981 – 1983 – Kyiv Institute of civil engineering, associate Professor.
1983 to 1988 – head of the economic division of the research Institute.
1988 – 1991: General Director of a joint Soviet-Luxembourg enterprise “was Eurotel”. 21 Oct 1988 established the USSR’s first business school**.
In 1993 he won the national tender for training of Ukrainian entrepreneurs in Germany (in the business School studied more than 12 thousand entrepreneurs).
Since 1991 – President of International Corporation “Grand”.
• Founder of Ukraine’s first private school – Lyceum “Grand”. In 2018 school-Lyceum “Grand” turns 30. Corporation V. Spivakovsky education is about 20%.
• Author of the Internet portal www.xvatit.com.
• Founder of the national contest “Brand of year of Ukraine”.
• The publisher of a new generation of reference books and textbooks in Ukraine.
• Publisher of prestigious magazines “Oligarch” and “Grand”. Among his businesses, publishing, Internet, advertising Agency Brand of the year.
• Taught a course of lectures in US universities on the theme “Ukraine – TX: benefits and prospects of economic cooperation”.
• Made presentations at the world Congress on education (California – 1995, Florida 1996, UK 1997, Norway 1998, Australia 1999, Denmark -2000).
• Registered 30 patents.
• Author of the education system “On the multiplied result.”***


The author of the books:
• “Sinergo” (poetry collection, 1991).
• Best-selling author – “If you want to be rich and happy, don’t go to school” (sold 100 thousand copies);
• “If you deserve better, break the rules” (novel, 50 thousand copies);
• “I attempted Spivakovsky” (business book of business, 2006).
• “If the world is collapsing, do not catch the Raven” (novel, 2005).
• “I Attempted Spivakovsky”;
• “Educational explosion” (the future of education, 2011).
• “Combination of business” (the business book of business, 2013).


Married. Wife – Irina Spivakovsky.
Children two daughters: Lydia and Julia.


Boasts the world’s largest collection of pyramids (1500 items) and the largest in the world printing. Became twice champion of the Guinness Book of records.


• 1997, 1999, 2002, 2004, awarded the Honorary diploma of the mayor of Kiev for a significant personal contribution to creation of material and spiritual values of the Ukrainian capital.
• Awarded a Diploma of the President of Ukraine for outstanding contribution to the development of the economy and culture of the country.


“If you want to know what is the cosine of 45 degrees, the valence of magnesium and what is the formula of the law of Gay-Lussac, the school need to go necessarily. Because more do not teach this anywhere, ever. But if you have other life goals, namely to become happy and rich, to achieve recognition and well-being, the school of this problem and such items there … unfortunately, this is taught in some other places. It’s time to face the values that are really important to people.”
Additional information
*Institute, where he worked Spivakovsky, participated in the design documentation of the construction of the hotel “Lybid”. The construction was finished, but it turned out that the construction of spent much less than the allocated amount (29 million rubles). Mastered all of the funds. Then it meant that the project institutions will continue to cut funding (no prizes, diplomas).
Spivakovsky proposed to apply to the art Studio (was a factory of art products) and be asked to make some kind of a stele or relief – artistic product, which can be on the end of the trailer. So the idea to make a relief in the form of Lybed. “Estimated 372 thousand roubles a month did stuck and all got a prize… the Mind replaces the money. Lot of money it was necessary to think up for this Lybid the hotel Lybid? Zero money” – a conclusion Spivakovsky.
**1988 – the USSR’s first business school.

It was not cheap, to 2,000 rubles for two weeks of training. Listeners were taken in Pushcha-Voditsa, rented the sanatorium “Bolshevik”, where they were trained 24 hours a day. Even at night, under the tape. And no contact with the outside world – including family. Among the lecturers was the chief accountant of “Ukrinbank”, former Advisor to the Chairman of Gosplan, the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs… in addition to Economics, students were taught at ease to talk, to convince, to go, to use effective gestures.
And together with students of the business school they were doing business. “I saved the furniture industry of the country in 90-m to year. I saved Kiev from hunger in ’91. every year I saved some crisis situation in the country”, – said V. Spivakovsky in an interview.
So, in 90-m furniture enterprises have ceased production of sofas because of the lack of soft filler. Spivakovsky with the trainees his courses brought from Turkmenistan 10 cars furniture wool. As the pioneers who got 1000% return. And in the winter of ‘ 91, when the capital because of the irresponsible actions of the authorities was without flour, found a way to bring in Kiev 30 trains of grain. During the existence of the School of business was sold about 20 successful projects, including international.
*** “In the world with the education system is a disaster. Education, even in a rich country is in crisis. This is a big problem. And I decided that we can solve this problem, but went on. I found a big niche in the world that is not occupied by anyone,” the Spivakovsky.
First, he developed unique methods of improving secondary education, how to make it interesting and effective. However, reasoned: in the world there are network 5-star hotels, Golf clubs, yacht clubs and restaurants. But nobody in the world invented world global network 5-star schools. “I developed the so-called five – and even semizvezdny school. My project participated in the competition organized by the widow of Steve jobs Lauren jobs. Was among the finalists. I participated in the competition in Hong Kong. And how does the school – here it is in front of you” (Spivakovsky showed the journalist printed on a 3D printer layout).

“I figured a way out of the budget of the school to make profitable. You can build a school, the payback period which is 3 years. Now, the school is projected in Qatar, Dubai may be in Hong Kong and California. In such a school has a large research center, which develops educational technology for the world… In the library of Congress you can find my patents – case studies that are used today in 12 countries tens of thousands of students and teachers. So we have in Ukraine is free of charge, and overseas pay. 600 cases. We were taught physics, chemistry, mathematics. I turn to this system. Take any subject, no matter drone, bus, coat, phone. And spread it to physics, to chemistry, to business.” Among these cases there are lessons of happiness.
“I’m still with the Institute has developed 10 life values. And all of them are pushing forward. Not forgetting any. Family, wife, children, money, travel, work, Hobbies, food, health, the environment… I configured both the process and the result. I have combo thinking. From childhood accustomed to the timing. Everything is done quickly and to switch attention.”
Spivakovsky insists that the important thing is not to learn sine cosine, and prepare for a successful life.
“The ability to behave and communicate is more important than automatic vdalblivanie knowledge”, – the Chairman of the Board “Ukrsotsbank” Boris Tymonkin.

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