Ruslan Demchak E.

Ukrainian politician. The people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine VIII convocation. Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on financial policy and banking. A member of the party “Block of Petro Poroshenko”.


Ruslan Demchak was born 5 July 1974 in the city of Lipovets of Vinnytsia region.


Higher education. I graduated from secondary school in 1991 and Enrolled in the same year, a Ukrainian transport University, specialty “engineer-mechanic”. He graduated in 1996, and in 1997 he entered the correspondence Department of the interdisciplinary Institute of management, specialty “accounting and audit”. In 2001 he received the diploma of the economist.
2001-2005 studied at the National Academy of public administration, defended at the Department “Economic theory and economic history” the master’s dissertation on a theme “State regulation of stock market development of Ukraine” and received the degree of candidate of Sciences on public administration.
Since October 2009, Ruslan E. – postdoctoral fellow of the National Institute for strategic studies. Thesis – “reforming the system of state management of social protection of population in Ukraine”.


Your business Ruslan Demchak began with the development of the stock market in 1997: he founded the Corporation UBG (national, a diversified holding). 2001 – implemented a project of construction of the Medical center “Dobrobut”. In the same year, the Corporation joined industrial complex “Builder”. In 2003, joins CHAO “KCD”.
In 2008 Ruslan Demchak controlled as individuals 31,97 % “ERDE Bank”, included in the Corporation UBG. Controlled by the insurance company “Dobrobut” Ruslan Demchak owned 54.2 per cent stake in the Bank, even 15,72 % of the shares belonged to his brother Bogdan Demchak. Subsequently, the “ERDE Bank” bankrupt.
Also, the structure of UBG was composed of the following companies: Dobrobut (bankrupt), medical centres “welfare” (sold August 2014), a service centre “Dobrobut”, the furniture factory “Mathis”, stock company a and company asset management “Initiative”, the legal law company “Consulting Group”, the enterprise for manufacture of building materials “Budivelnik” and the company “KCD”, which specialized in the construction of houses and provision of services of construction machinery.
From 2010 to 2013, Ruslan Demchak has served as Chairman of the Council of the Federation of employers of Kyiv, which includes territorial and sectoral employers ‘ organization, uniting more than 3000 legal entities and public organizations, and which employ more than 150 thousand of the employed population of the capital of Ukraine.
In 2011 turned over control of the Corporation first wife Svetlana, and then subordinates in favor of public activities. In the same year opened an office of the Corporation UBG in London.
In October 2012, after a mass of customer complaints “ERDE Bank” on late payments on deposits, the national Bank of Ukraine recognized the financial institution the problem by inserting a temporary administration headed by the representative of the Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals (fgvfl) Alexander Kurennoy. The letter “ERDE Bank” No. 1238, dated 25 February 2013 in law enforcement bodies Alexander kurinniy wrote that Demchak gave out non-performing loans to private companies, which caused the bankruptcy of the Bank.
In the plot of the program “Nashi Groshi” on channel ZIK journalists showed a diagram of the launder 100 million hryvnia, which is applied Ruslan Demchak in frauds with the earth. In the 90-ies Demchak has worked in the kolkhoz of the village Banter (Zvenigorod district, Cherkasy region) a few days, get Pai to 1/900 farm cost about 500 hryvnia. He then worked a few days in another farm, receiving a second land unit.
In 2000-e years he sold both of the unit to two firms for 50 million each. The first company “Construction Innovation-Plus”, owned by the asset management company “Initiative”, which was part of the UBG; the second, “FC-Resursimpeks”, owned by Igor Sobko. The entire property complex of agricultural producers was estimated at about three million. Thanks to this scheme, Ruslan Demchak didn’t pay taxes on 14 million hryvnia.
Three days before the announced suspicion of tax evasion, the businessman has paid to the state seven million, seven million he was listed for being in jail. After that, the court held that the suspect has compensated the caused damage to the state, and February 25, 2013 Ruslan Demchak was released. Then he sold one of his television channels — Business — the people of Alexander Yanukovych.
In the midst of Euromayday, in mid-February 2014, Demchak sold a stake in its network of clinics “Dobrobut” investment Concorde Capital and shareholder of the company “Lyuksoptika” Oleg Kalashnikov, who is a longtime partner of the family head of the presidential Administration Borys Lozhkin. 29 may 2014 the national Commission, carrying out state regulation of markets of financial services (Natskomfinuslug), revoked all licenses of the company “Dobrobut”. This decision was made following consideration within four months of 2014 2750 appeals and complaints from individuals and legal entities (including MPs, letters of the Cabinet of Ministers, Administration of President of Ukraine, committees of Verkhovna Rada, ministries and agencies) on the issues of insurance activities.
26 Aug 2015 UBG acquired for 31,85 million Bank PJSC “RVS” were in a state of transition and created the DGF on the basis of the bankrupt “omega Bank”. A group of Demchak passed not only all assets “omega Bank” (formerly “Swedbank Ukraine”) on 229,1 million, but liabilities of nearly the same amount. In February 2018, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine gave permission Ruslan Demchak to become a direct owner of more than 50 % of the shares of PBC Bank.

Political activity

In 2012, Ruslan Demchak stood for the Verkhovna Rada on the constituency No. 18, but the Ukrainian Parliament has not got.
At the extraordinary elections to the Verkhovna Rada, which took place on 26 Oct 2014, Ruslan Demchak again ran for 18 single-seat constituency of the Vinnitsa region, and became the people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine VIII convocation (November 2014 – people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from “Blok Petro Poroshenko “Solidarity”, the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on financial policy and banking).

Social activities

Ruslan Demchak actively engaged in social activities. In 2010 he headed the Association of organizations of employers “Federation of employers of Kyiv”. In 2013, out of the management team of the Federation of employers of Kyiv.
Established the all-Ukrainian public organization “protection of the rights of consumers of financial services”.


Created the charitable organization “Fund of Demchak’s promotion of economic development of the region.” The Foundation supports initiatives in Vinnitsa region.


Married. Spouse Demchak Svetlana. Children: son Dimitri, daughter Catherine.


In the electronic Declaration for 2015 Ruslan Demchak pointed out an apartment in the city of Lipovets of Vinnytsia region, purchased in 2002. Wages in the Verkhovna Rada made 79202 hryvnia. The people’s Deputy declared cash 133 million UAH.
Wife, Svetlana Demchak, declared 200 thousand shares of the company UBG Corporation Limited par value of 4.41 million, wrist watches Chopard Happy Sport Chronograph for 272 thousand UAH, the car rental Range Rover Evoque Prestige and rent of residential building area of 355 m2 in the UK.
Income from the alienation of property driving Svetlana Demchak amounted to 1,152 million. The father of Ruslan, Eugene A. Demchak, registered residential building with an area of 27.8 m2 in Lipovec and a house area of 377,4 m2 in the village Kryukovschina, Kiev Svyatoshinsky district, Kiev region. According to the newspaper of the Verkhovna Rada “Voice of Ukraine”, officially having an income of 133 million UAH, Ruslan Demchak received from the state budget, compensation for the rental accommodation and rent a hotel room (by the way, spelled out in the Dorm and he and his wife, oddly enough).
According to journalistic investigation, Ruslan Demchak owned cottage in the centre of the garden and Park complex “Feofania”. According to documents owner was Jacob bass father Dennis bass, who was a Deputy mayor of Kiev (2006-2012) Leonid Chernovetsky. Previously, the country was in city property and lived there the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Sergey Lebedev. After the collapse of the USSR cottage with adjoining territory had been privatized.

Apartments, houses, cars and money

Annual income Ruslan Demchak amounted to 159 thousand UAH of a salary of 170 thousand UAH – ensuring Deputy activity, 26 thousand UAH – payment cost of travel.
Cash, he declared UAH 1.3 million, in the account at State export-import Bank is 3.5 thousand UAH, and in “Radical Bank” – 10 UAH.
Demchak gave to his wife 624 thousand UAH for the purchase of Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Prestig 2012 release. She spent $ 3.8 million hryvnia for the lease of the house the area of 355 sq. m in London (UK). Also in its ownership declared Chopard watches with precious stones a value of 0.3 mln hryvnia.
The wife of an MP has shares in the British company UBG Corporation LImited par value of 4,4 million UAH, corporate law (100%) in LLC “HELSTAR 2012” worth 2 thousand UAH in monetary terms, and it is the ultimate beneficiary in OOO “Ukrbiznes Guarantee” and keeps 516 pounds sterling in a Bank in the UK.
Demchak has declared, that lives in the house in the Kiev region with an area of 377 square meters and in Vinnytsia region with an area of 28 square meters, belonging to his father, and in common with the father and mother of the property there is an apartment of 50 square meters in Vinnitsa region.
The Declaration also notes that 2 million UAH was spent on the education of children in the UK and 1.2 million UAH for charity.


Jubilee medal “25 years of Independence of Ukraine”


The owner of the Corporation “Ukrainian business group”, which includes JSC “ERDE Bank”, August 31, 2012 was accused of fraud and evasion of tax on the sale of land. A journalistic investigation revealed the following: obtained a copy of the appeal to people’s Deputy Oleg Novikov, the former head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Vitaliy Zakharchenko. In it the MP says that the banker forged documents about his work on the farm, in the property received land shares, which are then sold for 50 million by not paying state tax on 7.5 million. 9 September 2012 by the Central electoral Committee has cancelled registration of candidate Ruslan Demchak on the basis of his statement of refusal to stand.
Over the years of its activity Demchak created and headed a holding company, little Empire within the state – UBG Corporation (Ukrainian business group). In her part of “ERDE Bank” Dobrobut medical centers “Dobrobut” STO “Dobrobut”, stock company “Initiative” Yuk “Consulting Group”. And around her, a lot of affiliated companies that allows you to rotate a giant fraud.
Only by an illegal real estate transactions in 2008 – 2010 was raised 338,21 million. In cash transactions (the envelope) Demchak received about 500 million hryvnia. UBG operates through front companies, many of them are known. This “FC Resursimpeks”, “Contango” (Poltava), “Racial” (Kharkiv), “Unistrat” (Kiev) and dozens of firms, with millions in debts to the state, never were at the addresses specified at registration. Now urgently many of them are eliminated. In fraudulent schemes took part and brokerage company LLC “Kapitalist”, “Standardbred” and “Artbook”.
List, company, transit firms “ERDE Bank”: “Creative-Alliance Ukraine” (OKPO 35428425), “Insidiously” (code 35920975), “Sportstroyresurs” (code 36147443), “Ukrenegro” (code 36845248), “TestComplete” (37101965),”Definance” (37336043), “Krambeks” (37335343), “Lawaan” (37265892), “Mirador” (37478813), “Detersivo” (37100673), “UFS” (34295209); “RMT LTD” (36655605), “Ramatex” (37044237), “Sniper Video” (37033120), “TD “Ventum” (37335778), “UBG” (33639580), “Fordsville” (37307494), “Khimagroresurs” (37240058), “Khimbiznes Plus” (37145122) and others. Only in 2011, through these companies hid from taxes over 280 million UAH.

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