Mazola Andrey

Ukrainian businessman, brewmaster, co-founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board “the First private brewery”, philanthropist, public figure


Andrew Mazola was born on 4 August 1977 in Western Ukraine, Lviv. In the childhood was engaged in sports, the main passion was Boxing.


Higher education. He graduated from the Lviv financial and credit College, and in 2001 – from Ternopil Academy of national economy (speciality “international Economics”, master’s diploma).
2012 — student. After school Andrew Mazola continued his studies at the Lviv financial-credit College.
2001 – entered Ternopil Academy of national economy (speciality “international economy”). At the end of a master degree.
In 2012 she enrolled in the Kyiv Orthodox theological Academy, already a successful businessman who founded his own brewery.

Business activities

1998 – Foundation of the company “Olmar” together with his brother Roman (small distribution wine and spirits company. The family business was to deliver products to the shops Lviv). Two years later, the company took the leading position in Western Ukraine, becoming the official partner of Carlsberg.
2002 – Foundation of “Halytska of the Distillery” (the factory specialized in brewing beer according to ancient recipes). Consumers were offered a unique product.


2004 – Foundation “Perso Private Broward”. After the failure of “Galicki Brovary” Mazola decided to convert the plant. Taking a loan and buying a new power, a businessman together with his mother and brother founded the “First Privatnu the Brewery” – a company that has managed to quickly capture a leadership position in the beer market of Ukraine.
2008 getting a large loan. “Persha Privatna Brovarnya” attracted the attention of the EBRD. The Bank provided a loan to a company, which managed to increase production.
2011 – the conclusion of profitable partnerships with Oasis CIS, international company, became a partner of “Perso Private Broward” bought the factory in Radomyshl. It was decided to merge the assets. As a result, investment’s contribution reached 30 million dollars, and Andrew Mazola became the largest shareholder. Beer production was 200 million litres per year. Ranks 5th in the production of beer in monetary terms, with a share of 2.4%. The company’s revenue amounted to about 340 million UAH.
2015 initiative “November 21”. The aim of the project is the emphasis on the values of Ukrainians. Macola becomes a philanthropist, supporting projects in the field of religion, culture, sport and education. According to the official monitoring of the beer market of Ukraine, “Persha Privatna Brovarnya” is in the TOP 4 largest producers of beer and beer sales in Kiev came in 2nd place among all manufacturers (market share is 21.5%).
Now the brand “Persha Privatna Brovarnya” was released not only on the CIS markets, but also in Europe. The main credo of the company “For people – like yourself!”
During 2016, “Persha Privatna brovarnya” is the only beer producer in the country, which shows steady growth in terms of market share and absolute volumes of production.
Brands “Perso Private Broward”: “Draught”, “Copyright”, StareMisto, “Zhiguli”, “Galytska Korona”, etc. And also kvass “Lviv” and “Drevlyansky”.


Married. Together with spouse Svetlana has four sons: Vladimir, Victor, Stanislav, Andrew. The entrepreneur believes that the family should be a hobby that unites all its members. In the family of Andrew Mazola is a sport.

Social activities

Andrew Mazola pays attention to social projects in culture, sports, education, and actively participates in the spiritual life of the country (supports the students of the theological academies of Kiev and Volhynia in the process of their learning, particularly thanks to him, the young people got the opportunity to do the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
Strongly supports and has been providing assistance for the open Orthodox University of St. Sophia on the basis of the National reserve “Sophia of Kyiv” in Kyiv. Moreover, the entrepreneur was one of the initiators of the emergence of such educational institutions.
Provides support to the biathlon Federation of Ukraine, the basketball team of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, the soccer team “Catanzaro”, as well as various activities in the field of culture (in particular acted as the main initiator and patron of the festival “Day of Kiev. The festival of free men”, supports the concerts of Oleg Skrypka and band “VV”.
In 2017, “first Private Brewery” has become a premium sponsor of the Ukrainian football team – the project was born for football fans called “VRN zbirni”.

Social support

With the support Macola in Kiev started the Center for practical assistance to defence of Ukraine AXIOS. This project helps people who passed through military action, to recover. AXIOS provides all kinds of help and assistance: suits to work, helps to restore peace of mind by associating with psychologists, assists in the financing of operations and prosthetics.
Project AXIOS has partnered with the initiative Solomiya Witwicky leading news on the TV channel 1+1 “Peramos”. It combines cultural activities – exhibitions, festivals and other events. Mazola invites men to take part in the project “Urn zbirni” and visit the friendly matches of Ukrainians with other teams.
Entrepreneur and businessman believes that every Ukrainian should help each other and not to leave compatriots in distress. The only way to build a strong and independent nation, which proud of everyone in the country.
With the support of the TV channel 1+1 Andrey Matsola worked on the project “My country – beautiful of I the square”, which told the compatriots about the most beautiful tourist places of the country, and those who unjustly remained unknown to most people.
Mazola popularitywith travel around the country, telling which sites are worthy for viewing. In addition, the project created a multimedia map, where every Ukrainian will be able to designate a favorite place for recreation.


Big fan of sports, sports games, enjoys football. Since childhood, interested in Boxing. Loves to be in nature, relax with the family. Like to be in solitude and silence.

Attitude to religion

Andrew Mazola is a deeply religious person. Faith in God and his brother Roman childhood instilled in Mama Maria’s. His favorite religious place in Ukraine – manyavsky monastery, which is also called the Ukrainian Athos. Is the monastery in the Carpathian mountains, and if Mazola is for business or private trips in Western Ukraine, he always visits this Holy and ascetic place where you can be alone with themselves and their own thoughts.
According to Andrew Mazola, to get an education in the theological Academy pushed his abiding interest and desire to learn biblical and Christian principles. He is sure that without knowing them, it’s hard to build any relationship between people, and in addition, to establish a business. The Christian framework can give answers to many difficult questions in life. Andrew Macala believes that, of course, progress comes rapidly forward, but the basic human principles remain unchanged for many centuries. That is why the great legacy of the Church, which was left by the Holy fathers, it remains very important for representatives of any generation.


“The key to success is honesty and openness. That is why the slogan of a beer company is “For people – like yourself!”
“The Ukrainians know a lot about beer, and there’s nothing doing in the Netherlands or the United States, and we couldn’t do it.”


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