Maxim Plahtiy

Entrepreneur, investor, social activist in the field of information technology, an expert in the fields of IT, e-Commerce, ticket sales, show business, the founder of the company network, the owner of the company Front Manager, Chairman of the Ukrainian Association of organizers of entertainment events


Maxim Plahtiy born July 4, 1979 in Kiev.


Higher education. Graduated from Kyiv national economic University, speciality “economic Cybernetics”. Candidate of economic Sciences. He studied at the Ukrainian school of political studies.

Labor activity

First job Maxim Plakhtii was their own business. Maxim has always strived to create a business, dreamed about it since high school. First it was the occasional orders to create websites, marketing emails and digital. When I started there was no such concepts, but, in fact, he was engaged in precisely this activity.

Then there was a company developing software and consulting in the field of CRM.
Worked as a Deputy Chairman of the Council in “the Public Council under the Ministry of regional development of Ukraine”, Advisor to the rector of the National technical University of Ukraine “KPI”, was the main coordinator of the IT-tent on Euromaidan.
First introduced sale of e-tickets. As he says Maxim Plahtiy, “the business of sale of electronic tickets,” he started “accidentally”.

In addition Karabas.comis the owner of the company “Front Manager” – a company-developer of software for the automated sale of tickets for concert events. Developed company system “Front. Manager. Tikets” is recognized as one of the world’s best e-Commerce solutions in the sphere of culture and show business. In its operation this system is used by more than 200 partners in Ukraine, Germany and Israel.

“Karabas” became a particular point of a new development. During the crisis of 2008, max had to close his company because clients become insolvent, and for the maintenance of company and team needs, of course, significant resources. At some time, have enough reserves, but they also came to an end. Maxim Plahtiy and wondered where you can apply your skills and knowledge in IT and marketing. Thus was born his idea to create an infrastructure where all organizers of events ticket sellers – could work in a unified ticketing field.

This was an innovation in Ukraine, as Karabas completely changed the logistics of the relationship on the ticket market. Tickets are available today in more than 40 thousand points of sale. Of course, not all points belong to the company, basically it is affiliate contracts, Bank branches of “Oschadbank” and “PrivatBank”. In any branch of these banks, the purchaser may purchase a ticket.
And for the organizers changed the situation – from small market players have access to a shared resource, and now they can not compete in terms of a “who has more” Dating, but from the perspective of marketing and consumer service. When Carabassa took a leadership position in the market, it was decided to focus not only on the development of the company itself, but also on the development of the whole market, so max and his staff are constantly looking for ways to innovation.
Maxim is constantly improving, looking for new ways and opportunities to expand the business, works hard, willing to share experience and knowledge with those who wish to learn something new and lectures on issues of 3 E-commerce and Internet marketing (educational lecture). Maxim believes promising youth, so willing to talk with her, trying to instill in young people the right guidance.


His company and he implements various projects. The company is focused on the sphere of culture, because it works in this area. One of the projects, sponsorship of musical publications. In Ukraine the area of music journalism is poorly developed, and the mass of publications on this subject no. How about the young talents will be to find people?
If the country will have music critics and journalists, who will be recognizable opinion leaders, they will be able to Orient people to what artist will become popular, and who remain out of work. For the professional artist feedback is also extremely important.

By the way, the company has established an award for music critics. Such people are still not very many, but those who have are well versed in musical forms and styles, and can convey to the Ukrainians, what kind of music is worth paying attention to, and what is not worth the time spent.

Plahtiy not limited to modernization “Karabas” – he took a single ticket to transfer to the entire market. In 2011 Plahtiy convinced the then Minister of culture Mikhail Kulinyak to go to experiment and implement a uniform automated ticketing system developed by his company Front. Manager of three state theater named after Ivan Franko, Lesia Ukrainka, and the National Opera. The innovation was initially met with hostility as most of the staff of theatres, working the old fashioned way, and could not imagine how it is to go to the theatre for some printed pieces of paper or not for the picture in the phone. But after two years the situation has changed dramatically – Deputy General Director of the theatre named Ivan Franko Ivan Ozhevan changed the tone, because it turned out that it became much easier to monitor the number of tickets sold. And this eliminated the queues.

With each sold through the system Front.Manager of ticket now the theater pays the developer a Commission equal to 1%. Ozhevan hopes that soon the system will also connect other theatres, and Front.Manager it will cost cheaper.
However, not all market participants believe that the industry should make progress, which promotes Plahtiy. For example, the Director of “Stalls UA”, one of the leaders in sales of tickets in Ukraine, Arseniy weaver doubts that electronic tickets will displace from the market traditional. “Paper tickets are prestigious and beautiful, try to go to La Scala at the printout,” says the weaver.
However, building a technical platform, M. Plahtiy started its expansion to the regions. “A unified ticketing field, significantly simplifying the logistics, provides access to more sellers and a wider audience of clients”, explains the entrepreneur.
Today, the “Carabas” of more than 100 points of sale that use a unified ticketing field. “Of all the agencies selling tickets throughout Ukraine can arrange only “Karabas,” says concert organizer Vladimir Burtsev, who brought to Ukraine, sting and Jennifer Lopez. According to Plakhtii, 30% of all tickets “Karabas” was sold recently to another via the Internet. Now realizuetsya about 90% of all e-tickets for events are sold in Ukraine.

Financial condition

Business growing hundreds of percent per year. In October 2011, the revenue Agency amounted to 2.5 million, a year later 7 million, and in October of 2013 has already reached 28 million. Average performance of the company has become one of the market leaders.
M. Plahtiy says that “Karabas” came in first place in terms of ticket sales among all players of the Ukrainian market. The weaver of “the referee’s position WA” I am confident that his company – the market leader. However, it only works in Kiev and prefer to sell tickets the old fashioned way.

– Growing company Plakhtii noticed venture capital and strategic investors. “Electronic tickets Maxim is the most powerful technical specialist in Ukraine and maybe also in the CIS”, – says the managing partner of the venture Fund AVentures Capital Eugene Sysoev. He told me that for a long time “hunted” for “Karabas”, and offered shares of the company substantial amount of money. “It could be a very profitable business, but, unfortunately, Maxim chose to merge with (belongs to Finkelstein. – Forbes),” laments Sysoev.

Merger with a strategic investor brought M. Plakhtii to another business League. The entrepreneur sold 60% of Karabas Russian businessman Finkelstein, and his ticketing Agency became part of the holding PMI – one of Russia’s largest promotional companies. No Plahtiy, neither Finkelstein did not disclose the amount of the transaction, vaguely talking about several hundred thousand dollars. In addition to money, Plahtiy received the position of General Director of “PMI Ukraine”.

The annual market volume of tickets in Ukraine are estimated Plakhtii, is about 2.5 billion hryvnia (excluding sports and movies). The fifth part of this sum, according to him, accounts for the capital. Here the leader of the “orchestra WA”, occupying nearly half of the market.

Geography of presence of “Karabas” to compete no one can cash the Agency has more than 40 cities across the country. Plahtiy says that the revenue of Karabas from June 2012 to June 2013 amounted to 280 million UAH, more than 10% of the market. Finkelstein has set Platiem more ambitious goal: to bring revenue to a billion. “Our goal is to take 40-50% of the market,” he says.

After the transaction Plahtiy was forced to learn a new activity – the organization of concerts of stars of world size. “PMI Ukraine”, in addition to Peter Gabriel, first brought to our country Justin Timberlake. Plahtiy laments that artists of this level can be invited to Kyiv in the summer, when the weather allows us to hold concerts in “Olympic”. The Olympic stadium are the only technically certified site. There is an economic problem – not a concert hall. The Palace “Ukraine” is not suitable – it’s like “Palace of congresses” (the fragments of the Soviet Empire). The desired area of 10-12 thousand seats. When a ticket is 300 euros, not every person can afford to buy it. And artists ‘ fees are much more expensive to pay. Kiev does not even exist in the directory. Therefore, those who form the tour, I don’t know about Ukraine. Maxim said in an interview that turns out to be stars they have to bring out round, and therefore to pay much more.

To introduce e-ticket at the state level became possible when the country started to prepare for Euro 2012. Then state the matter attended – decided to create an opportunity to sell electronic tickets to guests of Ukraine could buy tickets online. Max and K0 have won the competition, which was held by Ministry of culture of Ukraine. Won themselves at the expense of product quality. By the way, the company is certified according to ISO 9001 quality standards. It helped to convince his own to prove to the public theatres that the electronic ticket is simple and convenient. In the commercial sector, it was easier, though, of course, was the organizers who were afraid of change. As a result, 4 years serious efforts by the electronic ticket to a concert has become a regular part of life.

He is now together with like-minded threw another call – they are the first on the market has made mobile application for the sale of tickets for concerts, offering now market mobile ticket. It is even more convenient feature – the ticket no need to print, it is enough to show from a smartphone screen at the entrance to the event. In fact, we have approached a new stage in the ticketing business.

Of course, such successful people as Maxim, can not be of competition and envy, although he notes: “speaking across the country, we have no competitors, we are the only nationwide ticketing operator. We also have strategic partners “Oschadbank” and “PrivatBank” offices where anyone can buy a ticket which covers the whole Ukraine.
But if to speak about any particular city, then Yes, there is a local ticket operators are our competition, sometimes very successfully.”

How to divide with them artists? For the principle: who pays more, that and coming artist? Working with artists promoters and concert Agency, said Maxim Plahtiy, and they work with promoters and podklyuchaetsya already at the stage of sale of tickets for the concert. Part of the activities sold by us exclusive, part sell all ticket operators.

Maxim asked this question: “How many hours a day should work to keep such a large Agency?” – “At least 12. And on Saturday and Sunday too often. Many people think that business owners enjoy life, doing nothing, but it is a myth, really a lot of work, and sometimes a lot!.. Everything depends on the position for which you are applying. But in any case, you need to understand ecommerce, really love concerts and be ready to work in a time when all others are resting.

Why we can’t bring to Ukraine, for example, a Couple of Facere, Beyonce, Rolling Stones, etc.? There are several reasons. First, Western artists are really very high fees in euros, given the current rate, the ticket price becomes prohibitively high.
Secondly, still on the territory of Ukraine the zone of military conflict, and this fact stops the management group.
Thirdly, the lack of a large concert venue. We’ve all seen concert hall in Sweden, which hosted the Eurovision song contest. We have nothing of the sort, this room definitely need to build in Kiev. NSC “Olimpiyskiy” a great stadium, but it was designed without a closed dome and, unfortunately, it operates only in the summer. So, given the fees and riders of the Western stars to hold a concert and make a profit for the organizers is difficult enough”.

(From an interview with Maxim Plakhtii in the TV program “Davi wounds”).

11 Oct 2013, PMI signed with Kiev Gorgos administration a Memorandum on the construction of the concert complex. City hall has pledged developer 5 hectares on the left Bank in Kiev – near the Dnieper embankment, near the metro station “Poznyaki.” The scope of the project the imagination – PMI with partners plans to invest over $300 million project will include a concert hall on 14 thousand places, shopping entertainment and business centers, a hotel, a Parking.


Maxim Plahtiy – people are passionate about. Loves sport, cinema, theatre, music.
In the morning, prefer to drink good coffee and play chess, just the online game before you leave the house and do things.

(From the comments Maxim Plakhtii on his page in “Facebook”).

“There is no excuse for Putin to send troops into foreign territory, that would be one thought. This particular act of aggression as in understanding the laws and common human understanding. And harboring a twice convicted thug Yanukovych with a rating of minus 80% – Putin is just a Comedy. Stalin also loved and miss so far, but we have not forgotten how people in the 33rd cooked and ate a neighbor child (I was told by my own grandmother-witness. So dislike Putin as much as necessary, but within the borders of the Russian Federation”.


“My civic position.
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I Pisz sway Natsu – tableau, tolerant, but wellnow spirit.
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I mean I vyhodja on the Maidan.

School № 49 Kyiv – meeting with students
Kozatskiy spirit and the will we dopomozhe. P. M.”


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