Martyniak Sergey

Ukrainian politician, businessman, MP of Ukraine of VII and VIII convocations (Deputy group “people’s Will”).
The three richest people’s deputies.


Sergey Martyniak was born March 4, 1971, Lutsk Volyn region.


Higher education. Since 1978 he studied at Bujanowski eight-year school. In 1986 he entered the Polytechnic College of Novy Rozdil, Lviv region. The following year was transferred to Rivne motor transport College, from which he graduated in 1991 on a speciality “the mechanic on car repairs”.
In 2001 he entered, and in 2006 he graduated from the Volyn state University named after Lesya Ukrainka and received higher education in the preparation direction “Economy and entrepreneurship”, qualification “master of Finance”.

Labor activity
(business, political career)

Since 1993, he started his career as an entrepreneur. In 2000 he started to work on a production with closed technological cycle. He founded agro-industrial group “pan Kurchak”, which includes a number of enterprises, which form the entire structure of production. APG, OOO pan Kurchak” – Chairman.
2000 – 2014 – firm POLSET, Republic of Poland (consultant for foreign economic activities).
2010 – 2012 – Deputy of the Volyn regional Council.
November 11, 2012 was elected to Parliament in single-mandate electoral district in Volyn region. Independent, the head of the Subcommittee on banking of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Finance and banking. 27 Feb 2014 as a part of Deputy group “Sovereign European Ukraine”.
Re-elected in early elections in 2014 (single-seat constituency No. 20 as an independent candidate, scored 35,24 % of the votes). Member of the parliamentary group “people’s Will”, member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on agrarian policy and land relations.

Charitable and parliamentary activities

Even in the parliamentary elections 2012 candidate for people’s deputies of Ukraine in single-mandate electoral district № 20 Sergey Martyniak in its programme promised to open new medical facilities with modern equipment in the area. In his letter No. 76/15 dated September 8, 2015 said that with his assistance in 2014 for the modernization of medicine constituency of the charity Fund “European vector” has sent almost 2 million, and in 2012 the healthcare industry has received 5 million UAH.

Sergey Martyniak contributed to the 5 areas of the district (Terashi, Lokachi, Lutsk, Gorokhovsky, Rozhischensky) modern ambulances. In addition, medical transport (“Niva”, “Chevrolet”) has received another 3 rural outpatient clinics. Update at the expense of the MP and equipment, including diagnostic and surgical.
Thanks to S. Martynyuk renovated 3 obstetric points in Gorokhovsky, Rozhischensky and Turiysk districts. With the assistance of the Deputy repaired to the neurological Department in Lokachinsky, emergency and surgical in Turiysk, obstetric and surgical in Rozhischensky (second stage) in Lutsk district hospitals. Reconstructed at the expense of the Deputy physiotherapy Department Gorokhovsky Central district hospital.


According to official figures – not married. However, there are civil wife Olga Lyga and joint the daughter of Beyonce. Father Sergei Martyniak – Martyniak Vasily Mikhailovich, mother – Maria Pavlovna Martyniak.


Cavalier of the order “For merits” III degree (2007).
In 2006, he received the “badge of honor” of the Ministry of agrarian policy of Ukraine.
Awarded the Church orders and medals.
Premium weapons – pistol-Glock 17 (4 December 2014)


Verkhovna Rada Deputy Serhiy Martyniak declared in 2014 96 192606 hryvnia. Of this amount, wages and salaries were 434 540 UAH, dividends and interest – 92 554 582, income from the sale of property – 852 800, the income from the sale of securities and corporate rights – 030 2 684, other types of income – 320 thousand hryvnia. Have Martyniak there are three land area 436,4, 6026 and 1013 sqm and a house area of almost 496,4 square, two apartments to 55.4 and 113,3 sq. m, as well as other assets area of 99.6, 452,6, and 267,8 50,9 m2. The last object he acquired in 2014 over 400 412 USD.
The MP has three car – Kia Sportage, BMW X6 and Ferrari F149; contribution to the Charter capital of an unnamed enterprise in the amount of 275 million 836 937 thousand UAH, of which 84 million 211 thousand UAH 971 he made in 2013 Among the financial commitments, the Deputy pointed out voluntary insurance 12 889 UAH, the cost of maintaining the property at $ 143 485 UAH, repayment of the loan in the amount of UAH 223 029 unnamed and expenses in the amount of 2 633 674 hryvnias.


Odious people’s Deputy of Ukraine Serhiy Martyniak has no right to engage in commercial activities. According to his Declaration, his reputation is impeccable, and no illegal earnings had not. However, reporters found that the MP is a shareholder in large companies in Poland and Spain. In particular, his name and other details (including e-mail) appear in the documents registered in the national court register (KRS) Poland, stored in the Warsaw district court. Journalists are outraged by the fact that NACP silently ignores, in General, public information.

As explained to the edition Facenews Polish lawyer, “Association of Polish journalists” Michal Jaszewski according to our database of cattle to documents, the citizen of Ukraine Sergey Martyniak became a shareholder of the Polish company IRC. Moreover, in 2014 Martyniak increased share capital of the company at 8,736 million zlotys (about $2 million), and for part of the shares he “paid off” real estate – registered Villa in Spain with a nominal value of the same 8,736 million zlotys ($2.3 million). And then …transferred its share to Lihach Olga, the citizen of Ukraine. And very quickly, on the last day of 2014

As it turned out, Mrs. Lichacz – law wife, and they Machinecom have a daughter together. However, he does not hide it, but in e-Declaration for any year information on the family there. As there was no hint of a Spanish Villa, and other overseas property, business and other income of this kind. By the way, in Spain by Martynka there is another Villa (in Laret de Mar). That is where Olga lives, Lykhach daughter. And resident: judging by the publications in social networks, where they have a nanny, the child attends clubs and other educational institutions. Journalists are sure: there dwells, and Martyniak. It is also known that the business interests of the MP is in the agricultural holding “pan Kurchak”. It was his civil wife Martyniak and transferred its part of shares in a foreign company.

On the first day of 2015, January 1, Sergey Martyniak again became part of the undeclared of the company and IRC contributed to the authorized capital of 429 thousand PLN in the form of another Spanish property in exchange for shares. Two months later, Sergey was gone again from the list of shareholders, and its shares have changed hands all the same Olga, Lykhach. The second Villa in Spain in Laret de Mar is also not included in any of the declarations of the MP. Judging by social networks, it is the place of residence of Olga Lihach with the daughter of a MP. They have a nanny, a child visiting groups, respectively, we can assume that they reside there.
In a telephone interview with Sergey Martyniak said that he has no property in Spain. On the question of whether he owned a Villa in Spain, member of the response is avoided.

According to the register of cattle, the company IRC in 2015, the owner of which, most likely, is the civil wife of MP Olga Lihach, actively investing in properties in Poland, including in the elite. For example, the company bought the premises in the skyscraper cosmopolitan, which is located in the most exclusive area in the centre of Warsaw. The cheapest apartment in this building is almost half a million dollars. In addition, the IRC company made a payment in three apartments. The minimum amount for such housing – a minimum of one million dollars, assuming that bought apartments with a minimum area.
And if we add Spanish Villa, the amount of real estate owned by the IRC, more than 3 million dollars. The total amount of assets of the company in 2015 reached 4 million 700 thousand dollars.

Did the company IRC only exists to keep on its books the real estate and other valuable property to its shareholders? For 2016 the sum of export operations between the “APG “pan Kurchak” and Capital trade (from her IRC dividends received) amounted to 248 million, and from the beginning of 2017 74.5 million hryvnia. This active cooperation between companies is another proof of the tight connection between the MP Machinecom IRC and the company, which is owned by Olga Lihach, his civil wife. And this can mean that Sergei Martyniak, according to the Ukrainian anti-corruption legislation may not be the beneficial owner of a controller of the IRC. And, accordingly, would have to declare his involvement in Polish companies.
Why, at the end of 2014, before the introduction of mandatory electronic Declaration, the MP disappears Martyniak property in Spain which later, judging by the photos in social networks, regularly visit his relatives? Why in return for the 2015 year is not shown nor his participation in the company IRC or alienation of property? Is hidden, something that would have to be open to the public.

Why MPs can break the law with impunity? The National Agency for prevention of corruption – on that needs to check the honesty of the members in filling of declarations, – idle (more details can be found on the website the article Yulia Makarenko “Alternate airfield for the MP, or How to get around the electronic Declaration: life hack from Sergei Martyniuk”).
Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Martyniak caught in the trade, “the Ukrainian drug” directly at the meeting

Verkhovna Rada Deputy Serhiy martyniak solved the issues of trade bacon directly on the meeting of the Ukrainian Parliament. During the plenary session elected as an independent candidate, Martyniak on the phone kept correspondence with business partners, discussing the sale of fat. In particular, the Deputy asked why the product is poorly implemented. His spokesman said that “all the machines are on the move, nothing passes.” Photos phone martynyak messages posted on the newspaper’s website.

Meeting of the Parliament on 1 September lasted for only 15 minutes. After the opening third of the session was the speaker of the Rada Volodymyr Groysman and Deputy head of the faction “popular front” Yuri Birch, who was previously head of the regiment “Dnepr-1”. August 20 at the Association of breeders of Ukraine reported about the possible shortage of lard in the country due to the outbreak of African swine fever (ASF)…
Specialists of the State veterinary and phytosanitary service was forced to score one of the agricultural plant “Kalyta” in Kiev region more than 48 thousand animals within ten days. The company has estimated a loss of 200 million UAH.

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