Ukrainian businessman. The founder of the group of companies “Zoloche”. Cottage town “Zoloche”
is repeatedly noted as the best in Ukraine. The winner of the XXII national prize “person of the year 2017” in the nomination “Residential complex of the year”.


Yuri Korzhevsky was born on 21 August 1963 in the village of cherry Ruzhinskaya district of Zhytomyr region.


Higher education, legal.

He graduated from the Academy of the MIA of Ukraine in 2010

Employment (business)


From 1982 to 1984 he served in the army in Bila Tserkva.

1986 – volunteer actively participated in liquidation of consequences of the Chernobyl accident.
Since 1990 started construction. First, we built a house for himself some time later sold it and used the money to built 2 houses.

2003 – construction of cottage town “Zoloche” (for details see below).

Since 2004, engaged in agricultural business, founded a magazine and the real estate Agency “Country estate”.

Developer, founder, owner of group of companies “Zoloche” with a dozen companies that serve cottage town “Zoloche”, Riviera Zoloche.

2017 – opening of new housing cottage town Riviera Zoloche.

Since 2014 until today – a volunteer who provides assistance to soldiers and their families, is actively helping the Ukrainian Volunteer corps.

At the present time is the owner of group of companies “Zoloche”, which employs more than 500 people.

Assistant of people’s Deputy of Ukraine of the VIII convocation, the former leader of the organization “Right sector” Dmitry Yarosh.


As a volunteer, was awarded an Honorary badge for merits in the protection of constitutional rights and freedoms of man and citizen, exemplary performance of official and public duty, and their honor and valor.

In 2013, he received the thanks of Boryspil district state administration for fruitful cooperation and invaluable contribution to the development of Borispolsky, professional excellence, assist in the implementation of charitable programs, the ability organizovati the business, implementation of new ideas and projects.

In 2017 Yuri Korzhevsky was nominated for the award “person of the year”. Cottage town “Zoloche” became the winner of the XXII national prize “person of the year 2017” in the nomination “Residential complex of the year”.


Yuri Korzhevskogo grew up in a large and happy family.

Married. The father of five children. The eldest daughter Natalia Korzhevskaya, born 1985, is a partner in the business.

Sons – Vlad and Yuri are successfully educated in Europe and Canada, organize their own startups.

Life principles

Love Ukraine, love for his family, an inexhaustible work ethic, the desire to change the world for the better every day.


Yacht club “Zoloche”, fishing, traveling. Prefer a holiday with the family.

Loves to fulfill dreams, wants to build a new bridge across the Dnieper river and further to expand the boundaries of the suburban housing complex “Zoloche”.



  • Do for yourself and success is guaranteed!
  • To be successful today means to work non – stop to keep up with the times, to listen to the younger generation, to keep up with modern technologies, to improve constantly and not be afraid of change!
  • My professional and personal “Code of honor” – to be honest and fair to yourself and others. Very important for me are family values. A family atmosphere prevails in our company. Together we experience the joys and sorrows, help and support each other.
  • Do not like the routine work in the office. Every my work day begins in “Zoloche”: I’m looking at everything, watching every brick and every plant in the construction process and work of the employees.
  • I wish all my family and our residents healthy, happy and live in a peaceful country!

Projects that let Korzhevskogo since 2003 and now:

  • The largest suburban housing complex in Ukraine (Kyiv region, Boryspil district, village Cherries) cottage towns “Zoloche” and “Riviera Zoloche” with a very developed infrastructure and a large area of shared areas, it has built more than 500 homes. The total area of the complex totals more than 100 hectares of land, of which 100 thousand square metres of parks and gardens, equipped with irrigation system; the town has a football, a basketball field with natural turf, courts for paddle tennis. Developed infrastructure for a comfortable life – is what makes the town “Zoloche” from other cottage villages and country houses. Territory “Zoloche” has a high quality road surface with lighting.
  • Also has a heliport. For fans of air transport equipped with the ability to fly all year round. Passengers can get to her as terrestrial transport and by yacht or boat.

  • Yuri Korzhevskogo created round-the-clock private security – security company that cares about the safety of residents.
  • On the territory of the kindergarten-school of Zoloche International school accredited by Cambridge international school.
  • In Zoloche International school teaching graduates – native English speakers from America, UK, Canada. A good education is the key to a child’s success in the future, said Yuri Korzhevskogo. In the summer the children have the opportunity to raise the level of English language summer day camp Zoloche camp, where they are in the fresh air even during class.

  • Zoloche summer camp Ranger Camp is a unique complex for recreation for children 9 – 16 years, in the style of Wild West. The children all day in the fresh air, rest from the gadgets, the phone is only for communication. Interesting programs – games, training, creative workshops, sport activities (particularly swimming, learning to wield a paddle on a kayak, a sky Park, a climbing wall)… “All of this helps to reach their potential every child” – said Yuri Korzhevskogo.
  • “Country hotel Zoloche Riviera Resort&Spa features private rooms, a fitness centre, a beauty salon on the banks of the Dnieper and afloat (plavdoma) provides a wonderful rest from city bustle and noise,” says Yuri Korzhevskogo.
  • Yuri Korzhevskogo together with its partners, has realized the long-planned project – Zafferano Italian restaurant with delicious Italian cuisine.
  • Yacht club “Zoloche” (Parking boats, motor yachts, alomerovic ships, catamarans and other kinds of boats. The Park provides year-round service and security 24/7. “Wonderful to relax on the water and on land (lounge area with two swimming pools)” – according to grateful to Yuri Korzhevskogo the inhabitants of the town “Zoloche”.
  • Blogiausia company – transport company, the company in gardening and landscape design, private housing office. Numerous technical staff supports the company “Zoloche” provides cleaning, maintenance of green area, waste disposal, cleaning of swimming pools, water and so on territory of the cottage town “Zoloche” and “Zoloche Riviera”. All of these firms serve local elite school and provide transportation around campus.
  • There are several grocery stores, car wash, taxi service. Nearby is hospital, day hospital and outpatient clinic of family medicine. “There are all conditions for comfortable and happy life”, – said Yuri Korzhevskogo.
  • Every year the company builds new neighborhoods – more than 40 houses. All projects are implemented within the village of Cherry. The boundaries of “Zoloche” will expand and it’s not just the construction, and territory development to meet modern requirements of a comfortable life, so the real estate in Zoloche is always a price. Construction, which carries Yuri Korzhevskaya, contributes to the development of Borispolsky to improve electrification of the area under construction of the transmission line (35 kW) permanently create jobs.

    Much attention is paid to landscaping. On campus more than 5 thousand trees and gardens. Parks, public gardens equipped with irrigation system. On the landscaped forest area there is a rope Park for children, an area for archery. Where previously there were bushes, shrubs, samolechenie territory appear cultivated, manicured areas for recreation.

    “In the town and a family atmosphere. “Zoloche” choose people who are looking for not just a house but a place where people want to live comfortable, happy”, – said Yuri Korzhevskogo.

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