Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa

Igor Aleksandrovich Mazepa is known as the founder and CEO of the company Concorde Capital, which specializes in investment. Igor Mazepa established Concorde Capital in the autumn of 2004.

Igor Mazepa was born on July 2, 1976, his hometown is Kiev. There he received two higher educations – economic and judicial. He studied in the Kiev University of Economics on the faculty of “International Economics” and “Law”.

After graduation, Igor began building his career, and in 1997, he was already a banker at the investment company Prospect Investments. His successes and development as a young specialist did not go unnoticed, and already after 3 years (in 2000) he was invited to become the managing director of IC Foyil Securities New Europe, and transferred in the same position at IC IFC.

Among the bright pages in labor activity of Igor Mazepa, one can also recognize the chairmanship of the board of PAS Ukrainian Exchange, the status of the board manager of the State Price business board, and participation in the supervisory board of the State Export-Import Bank of Ukraine.

Unlike career achievements, which are constantly in the public eye, there is not much to say about Igor Mazepa’s private life. The entrepreneur does not like to talk about personal and prefers to give interviews only on professional topics. But nevertheless, it is known that Igor Mazepa respects sports. A few of the favorite activities of the entrepreneur include rowing and alpine skiing, which, by the way, affected the corporate culture of his company’s employees. Also, Igor Mazepa likes football, fishing, and he is keen on horse riding. He can often be spotted jogging in the mornings.

Mazepa’s journeys should not go unnoticed either. The entrepreneur believes that such trips are the best investment in oneself, and when choosing places to travel, he always stops in “uninterrupted” countries or non-touristic places.

By the way, an entrepreneur doesn’t have that much free time for a hobby and pleasant stay as one would like to have.

Professional career



The start of Igor Mazepa’s career. Employed as a banker in the international investment company, “Prospect Investments”.



Takes position of managing director in the famous company “Foyil Securities New Europe” that deals with investments. After a while, Igor Mazepa moved to a similar position in the company “IFC”, for which he will later become a CEO.


Founded an investment company “Concorde Capital”, where Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa becomes CEO.



Early successes: “Concorde Capital”, The brainchild of Igor Mazepa, is called “the best” two years in a row. Rewarded the prestigious nomination “The largest investment bank in Ukraine”.


Personal achievements of Igor Mazepa: He is considered the most successful manager in the stock market of Ukraine. Through time Mazepa wins the nomination, “The identity of the stock market of Ukraine”. His company, “Concorde Capital”, deservedly recognized as the best with the nomination of “Best Ukrainian M&A deal”.


“Concorde Capital” again headed the competition and gets recognition as the best broker in Ukraine.
2009-2011 Rating: Initiated by the publishing house “Economy”, twice. Officially refers to investment company “Concorde Capital” as the best investment bank among the hundreds of Ukrainian financial institutions.
2015 Business Council “Price State” invited Igor Mazepa to lead the board.
2008-2016 Igor Mazepa became Chairman of the Exchange Council of PAS Ukrainian Stock Exchange.


Two great victories for Igor Mazepa’s company: Investment “Concorde Capital” won the rating of “Thomson Reuters Extel Survey, in the nomination: Ukraine analytics. The same year, the company received recognition in the nomination Cbonds Awards CIS as “The best sales-trader of Ukraine”.
2016 – Aug 14
Igor Mazepa was a member of the supervisory board of Ukrsotsbank.
2017 “Concorde Capital” becomes the winner of the Ukrainian Rating REPUTATIONAL ACTIVISTS in the nomination – “Finance – Investment Companies”.
2018 Investment Company “Concorde Capital” became part of the top 3 in The Thomson Reuters Extel Survey ranking in the nomination – Ukrainian analytics.
2018 “Concorde Capital” won first place in the nomination “The best analyst on the Ukrainian market” in the annual ranking Cbonds Awards for the CIS region.
2018 Concord Consulting, which is part of “Concorde Capital”, by the result of the competition was chosen as an investment advisor for privatization of large public facilities. Signed by contract with the State Property Fund of Ukraine.


In November 2004, Igor Alexandrovich founded his main company, the investment organization named “Concorde Capital”. The main business of the company is to provide an investment and brokerage services sector, as well as asset management services. The company developed very quickly, which was repeatedly noted on numerous competitions where “Concorde Capital” received high rewards in various nominations. It is noteworthy that the ratings and competitions, where Igor Mazepa’s investment company took the lead were All-Ukrainian and international scale. “Concorde Capital”, at the beginning of its development, was expected by IC to have a great success.

Employees of “Concorde Capital” also managed to attract over three billion dollars of investments for Ukrainian enterprises that operate in various spheres:

  • metal;
  • transportation;
  • commercial and residential real estate;
  • chemistry;
  • oil and gas;
  • agriculture; and


For four years, until 2012, Igor’s company managed a large number of mutual funds (mutual investment funds) on the Ukrainian stock market. Among them:

  • Prosperity
  • Perspective
  • Stability
  • Oligarch
  • Bioglobal Ukraine


The company’s latest achievement at the moment is an agreement with the Foundation of State Property of Ukraine with Concord Consulting LLC (Also a part of Concorde Capital). Concord Consulting LLC has become an official investment advisor on the privatization of a number of large state enterprises, which are put up for sale as part of the “big privatization” according to the new law.

In 2018, there were many major victories by Igor Mazepa, here are a few among the several: First place in the nomination “The best analyst on the market of Ukraine” in the annual rating of Cbonds Awards for the CIS region, and a top 3 ranking of The Thomson Reuters Extel Survey in the nomination “Ukrainian analytics”.

The year before can also be called a rich harvest of victories and nominations. In 2017, the investment company “Concorde Capital” was ranked second in The Thomson Reuters Extel Survey in Ukraine: Analytics nomination. “Concorde Capital” was awarded the Best sales-traders of Ukraine – rating from Cbonds Awards for the CIS region.

One particularly noteworthy victory was the awarded title REPUTATIONAL ACTIVISTS initiated by the publication “Business” together with one of the leading PR companies in Ukraine. In this ranking, “Concorde Capital” was ranked first in the nomination “Finance – Investment Companies”.

The organizers of the competition paid great attention to transparency and integrity of results. That is why the choice of the jury was very responsible and serious. Experienced experts were invited to the role of judges in the field of analytics and media business. Winners were determined by analyzing the number of occupied leadership positions in various fields of activity, as well as taking into account the frequency and quality of mentioning in the media of certain companies. Voting was closed on five factors in two directions, industry and function.

These victories and awards are a relatively recent investment to acquisitions of Companies of Concorde Capital. And they have accumulated quite an impressive amount for the entire period of existence. And not only with “Concorde Capital”- in 2007 company founder Igor Mazepa was recognized as the best manager in the Ukrainian stock market.

Leading positions in the rating, initiated by the publishing house “Economy”, were held twice by “Concorde Capital”- in 2009 and 2011. “Concorde Capital” managed to bypass hundreds of very strong competitors and became the best investment bank in Ukraine. What is the secret of the dizzying success of an investment company? Concorde Capital? There is no doubt that Igor’s personality is behind these results.

Mazepa, as well as a team of professionals, carefully selected by him, ready to persevere and perform diligent work. No wonder Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa, a big lover of alpine skiing and rowing, has introduced this activity into corporate employee culture at “Concorde Capital”. After all, such sports are not only capable of rallying relations within the company, but also developing vital leadership qualities, endurance, willpower, and dedication. Employees of “Concorde Capital”, though they are amateur athletes, they have already reached significant successes in sport competitions organized both internally in companies and between different corporations.

There is no doubt that Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa and his investment company “Concorde Capital”, is awaiting new heights and horizons. Judging by the trend, “Concorde Capital” is not going to stop there.

But did “Concorde Capital” always operate smoothly and did everything always go so well?

Probably, in the modern world, there is not a single large and successful company that did not have to start all over again. The investment company of Igor Mazepa has passed this way.

The financial crisis of 2008 had a negative impact not only on the Ukrainian but also on the global business. It also did not avoid the company “Concorde Capital”, in which the situation was not good at all.

It is not easy for Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa to recall the events of those times since he had to make a difficult decision for himself – staff reduction. Critical times demanded strict and precise actions, and exactly half of the employees remained from the company’s 200 employees — entire departments were closed, and gossips around the company gave rise to truly unthinkable theories — from complete extinction to the sellout of “Concorde Capital” to foreigners. However, they were all far from the truth.

Despite the difficulties, “Concorde Capital” remained afloat and only got stronger, as evidenced by the awards and achievements obtained by “Concorde Capital” for all time.

Successes, awards, and achievements

During its existence, Concorde Capital itself, also its founder, Igor Mazepa, and individual employees became winners in various nominations and received many awards, commemorating their professional and leadership qualities.

For many years, the international news agency “Thomson Reuters” has named “Concorde Capital” the leading investment company in Ukraine.

In 2006-2007, “Concorde Capital” won an important victory for the young company in its nomination as “The Largest Investment Bank in Ukraine”, according to the Guard corporate brands. The award was founded by the influential edition of the business edition “Contracts”. Not only a victory, but also even the participation in the rating can already be called a success because there are a huge number of strict criteria that a company must meet in order to be considered the best.

Influential media “Economy” has repeatedly noted the company “Concorde Capital” and its creator Igor Mazepa. For example, in 2007, “Concorde Capital” won in the nomination of the publishing house “The Best Eastern European Study in Ukraine”. In 2009 and 2011, the same publication called “Concorde Capital” the best investment bank among hundreds of others.

2017 was marked for Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa with new achievements in the professional field. This year, The Thomson Reuters, a media business company, initiated The Thomson Reuters Extel Survey rating, in which “Concorde Capital” was honored with second place, receiving the nomination “Ukraine: Analytics”.

But this is still far from all the accomplishments that were achieved during this period. Thus, the company “Concorde Capital” won the “Cbonds Awards CIS – 2017”, receiving the title of the best sales-trader in Ukraine. After that, a series of victorious moments began the results of which are second places in such nominations as “The Best Investment Bank of Ukraine”, and also “The Best Analyst on Financial Issues of the Ukrainian Market”.

However, among such a number of winnings for Mazepa, only one stands out, namely, a victory in the nomination “Finance – Investment Companies” within the framework of the rating called “REPUTATIONAL ACTIVISTS”. And all because the founders of the project are two whales of the Ukrainian market – the publication “Business” and the company “PR-Service”. Within the framework of the organized rating, the initiators set a goal to highlight Ukrainian companies with the most effective corporate reputation.

It should be noted that this rating is a truly independent contest. To discard all doubts about this, the organizers invited professionals from various fields to the jury, among which were well-known experts in the field of media, as well as analysts.

Occupation of positions in the rating also had a serious turn, because the leadership of the participating companies was determined, as well as the mass distribution of references to companies in the media. In addition – the quality of these references has also essential importance. The voting process was carried out on a closed basis. All nominations were divided by industry and functionality.

But not entirety professionalism – that’s exactly what Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa thinks, who, of course, is proud of his achievements in the business environment, but at the same time he does not forget about other areas. So, the company “Concorde Capital” has been supporting the Ukrainian national rowing team every year in a row. There are also victories in this direction. For example, in 2017, member of the team “Concorde Capital” Diana Dymchenko won gold at the World Championships in France, in the city of Thonon. Diana also became the world record holder, having overcome a six-kilometer distance in 29.58 minutes. It is necessary to mention that in this contest the athlete who was the winner in the competitions of the past two years opposed Diana. One can only imagine how much strength and endurance the Ukrainian woman had to contribute during these competitions, so it is simply impossible to overestimate this victory.

Although this gain is pleasant, it is far from the first. A year earlier, in 2016, the team “Concorde Capital” won the competition, held in Monaco, winning the silver Prince Albert Cup. It is noteworthy that Igor Mazepa was among the participants, so he happily shared the victory with his colleagues.

Despite the fact that the year 2018 is not over yet, it is already possible to make intermediate results of the victories of “Concorde Capital”. The company entered the top three in the rating of “The Thomson Reuters Extel Survey”, winning the nomination “Ukrainian analyst”. Also this year, the company won the nomination “The Best Analyst on the Ukrainian Market” in the framework of the “Cbonds Awards for the CIS region” rating.

Social activities

Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa is a big lover of rowing and alpine skiing, so Mazepa devotes all his free time to these activities, in every way encouraging activity. It’s common knowledge that Igor Mazepa and “Concorde Capital” have been helping the Ukrainian national rowing team for many years.

And the fact that “Concorde Capital” has its own company rowing team also means a lot. Winning the second place in Monte Carlo in 2016, Diana Dymchynko’s victory in 2017 is a moment that Igor Mazepa is incredibly proud of. But it cannot be otherwise, because a businessman personally takes part in competitions, such as, for example, it was in Monaco, where the team fought for the Prince Albert II Cup.

Personal qualities

Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa is without a doubt a prominent person, charismatic leader and a winner in life. What helps Mazepa constantly to be the best? The answer to this question is simple: Igor Mazepa is a very hardworking person, who is distinguished by particular persistence, he never gives up, believes in himself, his team and company, has an active lifestyle and is engaged in self-development day by day.

By the way, Igor Mazepa gains victories not only at national business competitions but also personal, among colleagues. So, Mazepa’s subordinates repeatedly noted his loyalty, flexibility, and humanity. All the workers of Igor Mazepa know that good performance at work will certainly be rewarded – a great motivation to work hard and for results, right? But a businessman- this is his leadership position. To earn the generosity of the head, you need to give all the best, but in this case, all efforts will be rewarded hundredfold.

First of all, among the human qualities, Mazepa appreciates the ability to take responsibility, attention to details, initiative and a sober, reasonable approach to any business. In fairness it should be noted that the same factors can be found in the personality of Igor Mazepa himself, so you should not think beforehand that Mazepa requires something transcendental and impossible from his subordinates, because, first of all, the businessman has such requirements for himself.

A friendly atmosphere always reigns in the staff of the company “Concorde Capital”. And this is the result of numerous trainings that Igor Mazepa organizes for his colleagues. From the very first year of work of “Concorde Capital”, it was established a rule to conduct trainings for personal development and leadership qualities on a permanent basis. A similar rule has flowed into the tradition, and now such events are organized regularly. As a result of the training, participants can understand themselves, get rid of stereotypes, and learn to achieve goals.

Standardly, the company “Concorde Capital” conducts several trainings per month, which are carried out outside the city, away from the hustle and bustle. Interesting, that Igor Alexandrovich himself is personally present at each training, taking an active part in the events.

About his free time from work, trainings, and hobbies, Igor Mazepa is not averse to speak to the public. For example, somehow Kiev students were lucky enough to listen to a businessman’s lecture on the topic “Leadership qualities and secrets of achieving success.”

Mazepa also loves to travel. Among many countries, Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa identifies such countries as Mexico, Peru, and Guatemala as favorites. The businessman believes that traveling is the most profitable investment in the development of oneself.

Mazepa’s ability to present gifts also affects the unusualness. After all, it really can be called not only skill but also a creative process. It is one thing to give something, and another to present something unusual to the person, but at the same time useful. Igor Aleksandrovich Mazepa gives preference to the second variant.

Private life and life position

The personal life of Igor Mazepa is locked behind seven locks. A businessman does not want to spread a private part of his life for public discussion, so little is known about this. Some sources claim that Mazepa is still single; nevertheless, he has a son from Tatyana Zdanevich, his first wife.


Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa once said that money in his life is not an achievement itself, but merely a tool for accomplishment. Interestingly, at the very beginning of his career, Mazepa’s point of view was not so philosophical. Then, the future businessman believed that for happiness you need to buy your own apartment and have other traditional benefits. But the passage of time changed everything. Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa sees value in his work and in the team, that is, in the people who surround him every day. Now you can often hear how a businessman claims that real wealth hides not in money, but in an experience that comes over the years and becomes the real result of life. Igor Mazepa has set a goal – to constantly improve and develop both personally and in business – and to not forget about it for a moment.


Igor Mazepa, definitely, is a hardworking man, as the people around him say, as well as himself. Therefore, it is not surprising that a businessman wants to deal only with the same people. Mazepa is sure that to achieve something without hard work is not real. However, Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa believes that a happy occasion also takes place: For example, when an unlimited amount of money falls into the hands of a person, not because of his efforts, but at the expense of luck. However, regarding the second situation, Mazepa believes that having received money at random, the person will not appreciate it, and therefore will waste it in the blink of an eye without even thinking about where and why. Another thing is when a person goes to a certain financial level gradually, accumulating wealth both in monetary terms and in terms of experience. Only then a person begins to understand the true value of money.

An interesting fact is that Igor Mazepa does not like workaholics. By the way, this businessman does not consider himself as such, because he has other hobbies besides work. And those who spend a lot of time at work, according to Igor Alexandrovich, do it completely aimlessly. At the same time, the businessman operates with a personal term coined by him – “victoryholics” – people who know how to combine work with leisure and are committed to creativity. At “Concorde Capital”, one and all employees know the principle of Mazepa, and therefore no one is surprised when you need to work until dusk during the dam, but you can relax during the absence of such a load.

Time management

How does Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa do everything in time? Personally, the businessman himself believes that time management is a science; which, however, does not require much effort to study. According to Mazepa, he respects people, and therefore is never late, because in life every minute is precious.

Country achievements

In March 2017, Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa in an interview with the Business publication to the question “What is the most important achievement of Ukraine?”, answered that he considers the agreement on a free trade zone with the EU countries as such. The CEO of “Concorde Capital” is confident that work in this direction will open up many chances and opportunities for Ukrainians.


In an interview with Novoye Vremya, Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa spoke about how, in his opinion, the country could receive new investment influences. The businessman is sure that a reasonable land reform and the solution of the issue of privatization can help in this matter. Mazepa believes that such steps will not stop waiting for investors who will soon invest resources in Ukraine.


According to Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa, Ukrainians are “suffering” from total infantilism. And this can’t continue for a long time, this feature must be eradicated – and the sooner the better. Mazepa is confident that the solution of this single issue will lead to the resolution of many other problems. The businessman believes that among the Ukrainian people there lives a myth from the time of the USSR that, if something happens, the state will come with the help for everyone, and it will help out in any situation. Thus, people always blame someone for their own failures, only not themselves, not a specific person, but Municipal Service, deputies, the Security Service of Ukraine, and so on. Generations of irresponsible critics and ever-whining and blaming people.

The name of Igor Alexandrovich Mazepa can very often be found on the pages of the media because a businessman regularly acts as a newsmaker, expert, analyst and predictor about a given situation. Igor Mazepa has personal editorials in some media. Such interest from the media to the personality of Igor Mazepa suggests that the CEO of “Concorde Capital” is not only a professional with a capital letter but also a person whose opinion is listened to and attended to.

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