Hirschfeld Anatoly M.

Ukrainian businessman, the owner of the UPEC, the politician. Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the IV, VII, VIII convocations.
Corresponding member of Engineering Academy of Ukraine.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Industrial group UPEC. Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the charitable Foundation “Patriots”. The Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Federation of employers of Ukraine. Chairman of the Board of the Association of employers of Kharkiv oblast “Granit”.


Anatoliy girshfeld was born on 7 August 1957 at the Dnipro (formerly Dnepropetrovsk).


Higher education. School graduated in 1974 with a gold medal. He entered the Kharkov Institute of radio electronics, faculty “Design and technology of radio equipment”, specialty “engineer-designer-technologist for the production of electronic equipment” and graduated in 1980 with honors.

Labor activity

Immediately after graduation, started career in Kharkov Central design-technological Bureau of office engineer (1980).
Until 1990, he studied science, then business.
1985 – senior researcher of the laboratory of agrophysica, senior engineer of Biophysics laboratory at the Ukrainian research Institute of vegetables and melons.
In 1987, opens the production cooperative “Elf” (tailoring of outerwear).
1988 – senior engineer group agrophysica of soils of the Crimean scientific-production Association.
1990 – head of the production cooperative “Elf”.
1992 – Director of production-commercial enterprise “Acceptor”LTD.
Since 1995 – founder and General Director of the UPEC Industrial group (JSC “UPEC”).
Since 2001 – President of JSC “UPEC”.
2002 – 2006 – honorary President of JSC “UPEC”.
June 2006 – President of JSC “UPEC”.
In 2007, the Swedish financial group SEB bought Anatoliy Girshfeld Bank “factorial” for $100 million, according to UFC Capital with a multiplier (the ratio of fixed capital of the Bank) 4.5 capital.
In October 2008 he was elected Chairman of the Union Council of employers ‘ organizations in Kharkov region and Chairman of the Board of Kharkov regional organization of employers “Granit”.
From November 2010 – Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Federation of employers of Ukraine.
Since 2010, a member of the working group “Technological modernization of economy and infrastructure development” Kharkov regional Committee on economic reforms of the Kharkiv regional state administration.
Since February 2011 member of the working group on preparation of the draft Strategy of development of Kharkiv till 2020
In June 2011 he was elected as a corresponding member of Engineering Academy of Ukraine.
2011 – November 2012 – General Director of JSC “UPEC”.
Since November 2012 he is the honorary President of JSC “UPEC”.
From December 2015 elected member of the Council of the North-Eastern scientific center of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Ministry of education and science of Ukraine.
From may 2016, head of the Supervisory Council of KNURE.
From December 2016 appointed Executive Director of the National Committee on industrial development of Ukraine, Deputy Chairman of the national Committee

Political activity

2002 – 2006 – people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the IV convocation on election district № 180, the Chairman of Subcommittee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on economic policy. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine was part of the Committee for economic policy, national economy management, property and investments. The head of the Subcommittee on economic policy and management.

November 2012 – people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of VII convocation. Elected in constituency No. 179.
November 2014 — people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine VIII convocation. Elected in constituency No. 179.


He is married and has two sons.


75-th place in the rating “200 richest people of Ukraine” in the rating of the magazine “Focus”
92nd place in the ranking “Golden hundred” of the magazine “Correspondent”. Newspaper “Comments” last year put this man on the 17th place in the list of the 30 most influential of the citizens.
Has a four-room apartment and a house near Kharkov, in Kiev received a 3-room apartment. Goes to corporate BMW-760 and the Lexus 430. Wears watches Ulysse-Nardin (some models of this brand cost from 90 to 550 thousand dollars) and ties from Ermenegildo Zegna, Kiton. His condition edition of “Forbes” estimated at $165 million

Titles, ranks, awards

• Awarded two medals “For merits” II and III degrees (2005).
• An honorary diploma and the badge of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine “For merits before Ukrainian people”.
• Honorary mayor of Kharkiv.


Loves to travel, reads a lot: of economic literature, physics and history of early Christianity, and contemporaries Coelho, Marquez, from the classics – Ehrenburg, Feuchtwanger.

A summer holiday spent on the Mediterranean beaches, winter ski resorts of Italy, Switzerland, Austria.
Prefer Ukrainian, Japanese and Italian food, the drinks, wines and whiskey.
Also likes the Russian bath.


On my business card, he could easily indicate that he is President of the UPEC group or a member of Parliament. But Kharkiv, the capitalist has decided to limit signature: Dipl. – ing.

Hirschfeld made the capital in the industry, which has never been the preserve of oligarchs in mechanical engineering. In Ukraine, few people dare to do business on complex technology. It is risky and costly, and impact have to wait long. A. girshfeld has six of their own plants that make it one of the most powerful Ukrainian exporters.

Business records

The main activities of the IG “UPEC”:
• component manufacturing: JSC “Kharkov bearing plant” (HARP), Ltd “Lozovsky forging-mechanical plant (lkmz), LTD “Ukrainian casting company” (ULK);
electrical engineering: JSC “Kharkov electrical engineering plant “Ukrelectromash” (HELZ); machine-tool-JSC “Kharkov Kosior machine-tool plant them. S. V. Kosior” (Harverst).
Products available on the market HARP, lkmz, ULK comprehensively represent the industry divisions – road and rail United in the “UPEC trading”.
• Industrial group (IG) “UPEC” is one of the biggest in Ukraine private companies, specialized in machine building business.
• Anatoliy girshfeld considers that the Ukrainian mechanical engineering is not up to the world level. Despite this, he decided to fully concentrate on this business. This is what he explained the reasons for the sale of the Kharkiv “factorial-Bank” the Swedish Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB. According to him, the mechanical engineering in Ukraine presents unique opportunities for development and require large capital investments.
• 2010 – finished the first stage of bearing plant construction in Stary Oskol.
• 2010 – received a large order from Ukrzaliznytsia to equip cars with air conditioning.

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