Granovsky, Alexander G.

Ukrainian businessman, millionaire, the people’s Deputy of Ukraine of IV convocation (the faction of SDPU(o) member, Committee on budget of the Verkhovna Rada), the publisher of the magazine “Focus”, the patron and shareholder of Vertex United


Born July 31, 1972, in the Cherkasy region, Uman.


Alexander Granovsky, after graduating from high school in 1989 he entered the Odessa state University. I. I. Mechnikov, where she met her future business partner Boris Kaufman. They both studied at the law faculty.
In 1992, deciding to engage in entrepreneurial activity, switched to correspondence courses and graduated in 1995 with a degree in “lawyer”.
Later, Alexander Granovsky, he continued his education at the Academy of State management under the President of Ukraine.

Business career

Entrepreneurial activities started during his student years. To build career began in Odessa in the position commercial Director, Director of construction SPTK “EVAs” (1993) In 1998 opened his own business – he co-founded TD “Chestnut”. And in 2001 his efforts were appreciated highly enough of the professional community and public recognition – he was awarded the “businessman of the year” in Odessa.
In the same year, A. Granovsky is the Vice-President of the football Federation of Ukraine and held that position until 2012.
The production of alcoholic beverages
Friends and partners from my University’s bench, Granovsky and Kaufman have established a large holding for the production of alcohol – “overline”. It includes the most important assets of ZAO “First distillery” (vodka was produced under TM “Myagkov” and TM “Navigator”) and JSC “Odessa factory of sparkling wines” (brand of sparkling wine “Odessa”, L’odessika and Henri Roederer).
In the spring of 2008 year, the owners of the company sold the brand “Myagkov” Russian holding “synergy”. “Odessa factory of sparkling wines” were also sold (2009) to the Italian group Campari.
In 2012, the composition of the holding was launched the second major asset — the “First distillery”. The Supreme economic court of Ukraine satisfied the claim of Prosecutor’s office of Odessa region about cancellation of the lease of the integral property complex of this enterprise. The Prosecutor’s office demanded to break the lease due to the fact that the tenant is a private joint-stock company “overline” – did not pay for a rental property. In 2012 partners Granovsky and Kaufman decided to withdraw from the alcohol business.

Hotel business

Alexander Granovsky – shareholder of the company Vertex United. Together with Kaufman, he continues to manage several 4-5 star hotels through the company Vertex Hotel Group, which are controlled by the hotels:
• “Bristol” (Odessa)
• “London” (Odessa)
• “President Hotel” (Kiev).


Hotel “Bristol”

Was opened after restoration. It depicted the way it was designed by architect Bernardazzi. The updated hotel was another 5 star hotel in Odessa. The exact figure of how much was spent on the reconstruction of the hotel in its original form is not known, but media reports suggest that 10-20 million dollars.
The hotel was opened in 2011, and in 2013 co-owners of the company was decided to delegate the complex management of the international hotel operator Starwood Hotels & Resorts. Hotel 1 December, it was renamed The Luxury Collection and transferred to the operator’s manual.


Hotel “Londonskaya”

The hotel with almost a hundred years of history. Built in 1928 and is still popular and is a model of elegance and refined taste. In part of the group since 2008.
“The President-hotel”
In 2009, Granovsky and Kaufman have the right orenda “President hotel” in Kiev.

Construction business

A. Granovsky was engaged in the construction business. He owns several construction companies, including LLC “Kashtan-development” (Fig “Chestnut”), builds housing complexes in Odessa, etc.

Financial direction

Granovsky was the co-owner, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of PJSC “Finbank” (Odesa), founded in 1990 (on 1 July 2014, by size of total assets the Bank held the 50th place (3,223 billion) among the 173 operating banks in the country). The media assumed that in November 2013 a group of financial investors, which is associated with Alexander Granovsky, bought 100 % of shares of “platinum Bank”. But these data were not confirmed. A. Granovsky has nothing to do with “platinum Bank”. Also was co-owner of Odessa the bankrupt Bank at “Sotscombank”.


In 2014, another company associated with “Spetsremstroy”, the government is 1.7 billion UAH for the reconstruction of the runway. Alexander Granovsky in the media associated with the “Airport ground Handling”, which in 2013 became a monopoly in providing ground handling services at the airports “Borispol” and “Simferopol”. However, direct evidence for this. Director of the airport “Borispol” Sergei Gombolevskyi confirmed that currently the contract with “Airport Handling” terminated (12.08.2014).

Media direction:

the magazines “Focus”, “Focus. Beautiful country”, the site

Political activity

From 2002 to 2006 Alexander Granovsky was a people’s Deputy of Ukraine of the IV convocation from the faction of SDPU(o) member, Committee on budget of the Verkhovna Rada. In the parliamentary elections in 2006 was a candidate from the oppositional block “Not So!” where was the 14th in the list. However, this political force in Parliament has not passed.
Called a close ally of first Deputy head of the parliamentary faction of the BPP Igor Kononenko. In November 2016, the former President of Georgia and former head of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili accused A. Granovsky and Igor Kononenko that those at the direction of the President of Petro Poroshenko are preparing the issue of deprivation of citizenship policy in Ukraine.
After the failure of the election against A. Granovsky were instituted dozens of criminal cases on suspicion in non-payment of taxes. But soon, after repeated visits to Israel and began his active work in the Hasidic movement HABAT all cases against the businessman were closed.


As a philanthropist Alexander Granovsky supports the Jewish community in Ukraine. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine, President of the Chabad World International Fund (the President of the movement “world of CHABAD”), President of the Jewish community of Odessa.
It is known that the father of the businessman Gennady Granovsky – after the proclamation of Ukraine’s independence has obtained permission Breslau Hasidim regularly visit the grave of Rabbi Nachman in Uman to acquire the land on which the tomb of the revered righteous.
Vice-President of the football Federation of Ukraine.
Together with his wife created a charitable Foundation “Roads of the future.”
Also in the scope of his interests is to support Ukrainian talents.
In 2014, Kaufman and Granovsky organized in Odessa the exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian artists within the art project “homeland”.


Alexander Granovsky:
“Any responsible businessman who associate their future with Ukraine, realizes major investments which should be done now, is investment in the humanitarian sphere. The interest of society to culture, eternal values – the pledge of stability and success in the future. This is what all Ukrainians seek. And in this desire we, the owners, happy to help his native country.”


Since 2007 Alexander Granovsky began to explore opportunities in Israel. Friends with the local branch of the Hasidic movement CHABAD and with the activists of the Fund Or Avner (“Avner the Light”), founded in memory of his father Levi Leviev, Rabbi Avner Levaev.
In 2013, A. Granovsky, together with Mr. Dankner participated in the tender for the purchase of the largest company Israeli holding company IDB. But the transaction of sale took place with other candidates, namely: the Argentine magnate Eduardo Alistana, Israeli entrepreneur Moti Ben-Menashe and the German company Extra Holding GmbH. Businessman challenged this decision in court.


With his wife divorced. Raising five children.


Magazine “Money” in 2011 evaluated the condition of Alexander Granovsky of $82 million and awarded 38th place in the rating of Ukraine’s millionaires. Granovsky four fell in the ranking of the magazine “Focus” of “200 richest people of Ukraine” (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012).
At the end of 2013 the status of Alexander Granovsky media was estimated at 87.5 million dollars.


Awarded the order “For merit” 3rd degree (31 July 2004) – for active participation in legislative work, great personal contribution to the reconstruction of the educational-industrial complex of the International children’s center “Artek”.
In 2001, recognized as “Businessman of the year” in Odessa.

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