Gerega Alexander Vladimirovich

People’s Deputy of Ukraine of the VIII convocation (the Verkhovna Rada Committee on taxation and customs policy), the founder of “Epitsentr K”, the President of the weightlifting Federation of Ukraine, honored worker of service sector of Ukraine


Alexander Gerega was born 27 June 1967 in the Town of Khmelnitsky region in a working class family.


• Higher education. First got higher – learning in the Gorodets branch of the Khmelnytskyi vocational school № 17 (1984 – 1985).
• 1987 – 1990 – studied in Khmelnytskyi co-operative College.
• Higher education in the Lviv commercial Academy in the specialty “Management of organizations and administration”.
• In 1985 – 1987 served in the army.

Labor activity

Alexander Gerega he started working as an Expeditor in the carpool (1990 – 1991). Moved to Kiev and was engaged in various types of businesses.
In 1991, he founded a company selling ceramic tiles and sanitary ware, and in 1996 opened its first retail store.
From 2003 to 2012 he headed the company “Epicenter K” (Main specialization of the company – retail trade of construction materials). The first hypermarket of national chain “Epicenter K” was opened in 2003 in Kiev. Over 8 years of development across Ukraine opened 28 hypermarkets and 22 in the regions and 6 in the capital, employing nearly 18 thousand people.
Today in Ukraine (according to the latest data from September 13, 2017) operates 57 stores, the company “Epicenter”.

Political career

October 2012 – ran as a candidate in single-mandate constituency № 192 (Khmelnytsky oblast) and first got the mandate of people’s Deputy of Ukraine of VII convocation.
December 2012-October 2014 – people’s Deputy of Ukraine of VII convocation (Party of regions).
January 16, 2014 voted for “dictatorial laws” – a package of anti-democratic laws that significantly restricted the rights of citizens and freedom of speech.
Feb 21, 2014 Alexander Gerega left fraction of Party of regions in the Verkhovna Rada.
At the extraordinary elections to the Verkhovna Rada on 26 October 2014 was elected Deputy of the eighth convocation of the 192nd district, received 73,86% of the vote. Working as part of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on taxation and customs policy.
A non-partisan.


Alexander Gerega married. With his wife Galina Fedorovna – a son of Taras (1994), who is studying in Switzerland.

Awards and titles

Award “Professional of the industry” for significant personal contribution to development of economy of Ukraine and professional management of the company – the industry leader;
The order “For merits” III degree for his significant personal contribution to nation-building, socio-economic, scientific-technical and cultural-educational development of Ukraine;
Awarded the title “Honored worker of service sector of Ukraine” and “Honorary citizen of the city of the Town”.


2012 was founded by Khmelnitskiy regional public organization “For the specific case.”
Founder of the charity Fund “Fund of Alexander and Galina Geregu”.
As the founder of LLC “Epicenter K” Olexander Gerega cares not only about the development of trade networks and the prosperity of the collective, but also dedicates substantial resources to Finance social and humanitarian projects. In particular, the company continually provides assistance to veterans of war, Afghans, Chernobyl veterans, soldiers of the ATO. Constant priority A. Gerega and his company is to help children, especially sick, disabled children. Substantial assistance is rendered to the sick, the treatment of which is quite expensive.


Hobby – sport.

2013 elected President of the weightlifting Federation of Ukraine. Initiated the establishment of the sports club “Epicenter” in the Khmelnitsky region.
16 Oct 2014 in Town of the opening of the modern European sport complex “Epicenter” and the championship of Ukraine on heavy athletics.
July 3, 2015 – was opened a new modern sports complex “Epicenter” in Dnepropetrovsk.
16, 2015 – open weightlifting sports complex “Epicenter” in the city of Kamianets-Podilskyi in Khmelnytskyi region.
November 12, 2016 – the sports complex “Epicenter” in s. Plough Iziaslav district, Khmelnitsky region.
Also been conducted much of the capital repairs of the sports halls in the 192nd electoral district of Khmelnytskyi region (in the areas Gorodetsky, Dunayevetsky, chemerovetsky and yarmolinskaya).


The condition of Alexander Gerega separately from the General condition of his family is almost impossible, because together with his wife – Galina Gerega he owns the overall business.
In 2010 was ranked the 26th place in the rating “200 richest Ukrainians” in the magazine “Focus”.
According to Forbes magazine, Galina Gerega has held the 38th position in the ranking of the 100 richest businessmen in Ukraine in 2011. Her fortune was estimated at $248 million Alexander Gerega was ranked in the same ranking 35th place with $279 million, the Magazine “Correspondent” in 2011 in the ranking of the wealthiest Ukrainians “Golden hundred” took Alexander and Galina 33rd place, assessing their joint fortune of $ 400 million. in addition, in 2011, Galina Gerega included in the list of “Top 100 most influential Ukrainians”, taking 52 place (magazine “Correspondent”).
In 2012, according to the magazine “Focus”, Galina Gerega took 16th place in the rating “100 most influential women of Ukraine”. In “Gold one hundred” the “Reporter” the couple took 31st place, their fortune was estimated at $288 million
In 2013, the “Focus” estimated the General condition of Galina and Alexander Gerega $794,7 million (24th place in the rating “200 richest people of Ukraine”).
According to the Declaration of 2014, Alexander Gerega received income in the amount of UAH 18 million. Of them salary – 167 937 UAH. another 17 million UAH were members of his family (the Declaration States the wife). Of these, her salary amounted to 304 508 UAH, dividends and interest – UAH 17 million.
The main income of Alexander Gerega received as dividends and interest is over 18 million UAH.
The Declaration also stated the information on real estate: 7 plots of land (the largest – 217 500 m2), 2 houses (109 and 162.1 m2) 4 apartments (151,2; 57; 222 and 28.8 m2), holiday home (120 m2) and other real estate (17 m2).
General business – a network of hypermarkets “New line”; the network of hypermarkets “Epicenter K”.
In one of the most recent data publicly available as of Alexander Gerega is $173 million.
From open sources (mass media, more info):

Joint business

The couple Gerega Alexander and Galina own the business together – a network of building hypermarkets “Epicenter”. During the fall of the Ukrainian construction market, the couple not only kept his own company, and improve its performance. In the crisis of the couple Gereg not afraid to open one of the world’s largest building hypermarkets, which recently got into the Guinness Book of records for its scale – the total area of 56 thousand sq. m. Galina Gerega, in addition to business, has succeeded in politics, as head of the Kyiv city Council.

In 2014, Alexander and Galina Gerega opened the world’s largest DIY store. The area of the new “Epicenter” is 105 000 sq m, the total number of employees – more than 1,500 people, and the number of products – more than 200,000. However, because of the war in the East of the country, the company has lost several shops in uncontrollable Ukraine territories. In place of the “Epicenters” came the Russian network “Galaxy” selling household goods. Now in a network “Hub” is the eponymous 40 and 14 stores under the brand “New Line”.

In February 2016, it became known that the couple are planning to purchase the shopping center “Alta Center”, which will create a new supermarket.
First big money Alexander and Galina Gerega began to make in 2003, when together opened the company “Epicenter K” engaged in the sale of building materials. She took the position of financial Director of the company.
“My husband and I began to trade construction materials. The first shop in Kiev – shop ceramic tiles and sanitary ware at Peter Zaporozhets. I wanted to develop. For three years he studied the work of European networks. And when the first draft of the hypermarket came the chief architect of Kiev’s Grandmother, he asked: “Guys, do you have money?” We said, “So the whole world lives at the expense of credits!” We just believed in success. In the end, and O. Omelchenko approved. We were allocated the first plot of land in Bratislava. That’s when I realized who the officials are and how they help the business to grow. And a half years gathering the papers for the warrant construction. For the six months built. Then – the second. Believe me, as many businessmen in this country, we have gone through all circles of bureaucratic hell” – said G. Gerega at interview ZN.UA.

In 2006 Galina Gerega decided to go into politics and managed to get to the checkpoint of the list of Civil asset of Kyiv in the elections to the city Council. Rumor has it that the list she was on a competitive basis (say, sent a summary of your plan and vision for the development of the capital, and at the end of the interview like Alexander Pabata).
Earned before the crisis, millions, difficult for most enterprises of Ukraine years, the family business Gereg almost not noticed. In December 2009, the entrepreneurs did not hesitate to open one of the world’s largest building hypermarkets of format DIY (do it yourself – DIY).

According to the newspaper Puls Biznesu, in 2009, Alexander Gerega has acquired a 5% stake in Lentex Polish – one of the largest factories in Eastern Europe for the production of floor coverings. As a result, the company was able to obtain the products of the Polish giant at special prices.
In 2010, they were added to the network three more hypermarkets, bringing the total number to 27.
All this allowed the “Epicenter-K” in 2010 to become a leader in Ukraine by number of stores and volume of sales. According to the Polish newspaper Parkiet construction, during this period “Epicenter-K” had revenue of about 1 billion euros, while a year earlier earned 676 million
In 2010, the “Hub” was presented as a sponsor of Euro 2012 and won the broad spectrum of rights, in particular, the owner of licensing rights to manufacture and sell products of UEFA EURO 2012.
April 21, 2011, plus Galina implemented as a successful policy and has headed the Kyiv city Council. The meeting lasted about an hour. During this time, the newly announced mayor Leonid Chernovetsky has managed to present Galina Gerega the hall, calling her a woman of the III Millennium. It was voted 89 deputies out of 90. But the new Secretary of the deputies have different opinions.
“She was a businessman, not a politician, and experience in government work she does not have”, – told in the sidelines. Also add that it is particularly active in the work of the city Council was no different. Few can recall any of her brilliant speeches or initiatives. However, several years ago under the “Epicenter” of the Kyiv city Council took a decent chunk of land. Itself Galina prepared. “I know it will be hard, but I run 18-strong team, so will cope,” she said.
On the day of his election, G. Gerega said that if once and voted for the wrong land decisions, henceforth, will not do this: “If me and mistakes were made, that henceforth I will not repeat”.
In October 2012 Galina and Alexander took part in the parliamentary elections. Alexander won 192 constituency and became the people’s Deputy of Ukraine of VII convocation. Galina lost in the 215-m constituency, losing to the candidate from “Freedom” Andrey Ilyenko.

Business communication

About the business environment, little is known spouses. However, Galina Gerega in an interview, confirmed the information about the financial assistance of the banker with serious connections Yaroslav Soltis (“Ukrinbank”): “It’s true. And it was one of our biggest successes. No one is believed. To 2-3 million dollars. credit was very difficult. But we were in the right spot”.
In addition, according to her, in business development has helped the Association of cities of Ukraine: “ASU has really helped us with regional development. We got a lot of support from the mayors”.

Political connections

Gerega have a good relationship with former President Viktor Yushchenko. At the time, he actively supported their business. “It so happened that Viktor was our regular customer. And once during the President’s visit to “the Hub” one of the Directors showed him the draft of our protracted. Yushchenko takes and writes this sketch: “I Bless.” And when we were all at an impasse, wrote a letter to the President. The President arrived and took on huge responsibility. In his speech, said: let there be shame for those who hurt us. Two days later, the object was put into operation,” – said in an interview Galina Gerega.
Some media say that the decisive role the appointment of Galina Gerega for the position of Secretary of the city Council was played by Leonid Chernovetsky, who from a list of possible candidates for the post of Secretary concurred only in the name of Gerega.
What she Ms. Gerega said: “I’ve always been independent and had their own point of view. MPs knew about my principled stance: I never could get them to change their decision in the hall of the city Council. About my ability and desire to work also known. Chernovetsky and his team including the” (“ZN”, June 3, 2011).

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