Chernyak Yevgeny Oleksandrovych

Businessman Chairman of the Supervisory Board of alcoholic holding Global Spirits (TM “Khortytsya”). Enters into the five of the largest philanthropists in Ukraine.


Eugene Chernyak was born on 12 April 1969 in the city of Zaporozhye.


He graduated from secondary school № 8. After school, in 1987, 2 years served in the army in the Odessa military district, in the signal corps.
Has two higher educations: the first received in 1995 on a speciality “Machinery and technology of smelting” (Zaporizhzhya technical University); second speciality “Finance” at Zaporizhzhya national University (2006).


Young professional started his career in the company “Trading house “Megapolis” immediately for the posts of Director-General (1998). And after 4 years, was elected permanent Chairman of the Board of founders of the “Megapolis”.
In 2003, in his native city of Zaporozhye was built distillery – the company, which actually started the production of vodka the now famous trademark “Khortytsa”.

In 2007, the alcohol company Chernyak joined the Odessa cognac factory (OKZ), and Evgeny Chernyak member of the Supervisory Board of the EOQ.

A year later he founded Eastern Europe’s biggest international alcohol holding company (2007), and in 2010 headed the Supervisory Board of the holding company, which includes OKZ (TM Shustoff), and distillery (LVZ) “Khortytsa” (TM “Khortytsa”). The Khortytsa distillery is in the TOP 10 of the world’s largest alcohol producers, and its products are exported to 31 countries.
In 2011 the holding is expanding, gaining momentum – began production of vodka TM “MOROSHA” on the capacity of the distillery “Hetman” in Lviv.
In 2013 buys the Poltava distillery, which started production of TM “Pervak”.
In February 2015 started spilling vodka on the rented facilities of the Gomel distillery “Radamir” in Belarus. The capacity of the plant, which is among the five largest in the country — 1.4 million litres per year.
Chernyak emphasis on foreign markets. In 2015 distribution network of the holding company in the United States increased from 10 to 20 States. New export directions won and other vodka Global Spirits brands: vodka “Pervak” started to be sold in Israel, as “Morosha” doubled its sales in Kazakhstan.

The owner of one of the best selling vodka in the world TM “Khortytsya”, Yevgeny Chernyak during the last years more and more expanded trade. More than three years he lives and works outside Ukraine, increasing its business at a global level.

After a successful career, Eugene Chernyak not hesitate to say that his first steps as an entrepreneur began in his student years, and the first business was the opening of a trade stall, which after a month has brought him thousands of dollars. And in 1992, he already had 17 stalls, generating a steady profit.

Throughout she was supported by my parents, who, incidentally, worked all my life in the factory: the father in “radio devices”, and my mother — “Kommunar”. Eugene admits that the student even had to unload wagons with sugar, because he already had a family, had way to earn. Later, together with partner Yuri Shenoy (today CFO distillery “Khortytsa”), he opened a wholesale company, which, in fact, began an intensive promotion of its business.


He is married, has three sons. Created a family in his student years.
Wife – Pavlova Olga (born in 1971)
Alexander is the eldest son (1992)
Ivan – the middle (2000)
Eugene (Junior) – 2006 G. R.


Loves football, plays tennis, enjoys downhill skiing.
Collects watches. Reads a lot, engaged in self-education. In the list of the compulsory reading E. Cherniak himself calls the book “Marketing warfare” by Jack trout, “31 the secret of leadership,” Jack Welch, “the 7 habits of highly effective people” by Stephen R. Covey etc. a Very serious approach to the selection of literature.
“In an interview with the oligarchs read, what books they are interested in. I wonder: if he’s so rich, so he something of them (books. — “business”) takes. I read and do I understand that in this literature a high concentration of smart things. I, of course, have favorite authors, but mostly listen to the opinion of the people in my circle,” – said in an interview, Yevgeny Chernyak.
Eugene Chernyak, founder and President of the charity Fund “Patriot of Zaporozhye”.
In 2009 among the five major philanthropists of Ukraine.
Awarded the medal “For labour and victory” (2004).
Member of the Board of Directors of the Tennis club.

Material condition

According to one of the most reputable publications – Forbes, in 2013 the price of financial assets of Mr. Cherniak was $ 350 million, and the 2015 results, in the ranking of “the richest people of Ukraine,” he’s in 16th place with a capital of $ 325 million
Today Yevgeny Chernyak controls about 25% of all “alcohol business” of Ukraine.
Political ambition is not to go into politics does not want to, although it actively was the name of several political parties (“I do not want based on their business policy,” E. Cherniak). However, I am sure that there would be successfully implemented.

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