Beilin Mikhail Mikhailovich

A lawyer, a successful restaurateur, businessman.
He held the position of freelance Advisor to the former head of the presidential Administration Borys Lozhkin, and is also his younger business partner.

Biography Of Mikhail Beilin

Mikhail Beilin was born on 11 September 1977. A Native Of Ukraine. Lives in Kiev.


Graduated from the Kiev military Institute of control and communication.

Business and political activity

Mikhail Beilin is considered a non-public person. However, his activities in various fields and the experience that he implements in policy, svidetelstvuet about his extraordinary mind and spoken of as the businessman with the very same rational approach to everything.


In advokatska Association asters (formerly of law firm “Shevchenko Didkovsky and partners (SHDP)” Beilin has held the post of consultant in the performance of the enterprise.
According to some unofficial data, he led the Agency Promotion Technologies. Was in advertising. Became Vice-President of all-Ukrainian advertising Association, in 2008 joined the Council of entrepreneurs under the Cabinet.
In business circles known as a successful restaurateur and owner of the Kiev institutions “Jug”, Piccolino, Bigoli, Vino e Cucina Trattoria Zucca, Vero Verо, Dim Sum, “Som”, “Khutorok”, Toscana Gril.


In the elections to the Verkhovna Rada (2014) were on the list of “Block Petro Poroshenko, No. 83.
Was elected to the post of adviser to the former head of the presidential Administration of Ukraine Boris Lozhkin, where he worked freelance.
It should be noted the important role of M. Beilin in the adoption of the draft law “On restructuring of credits in foreign currency”. For the bill to third reading July 2, 2015 was given to 229 votes.
Under this bill, the credit debt is converted at the official rate of the National Bank of Ukraine at the time of concluding the loan contract, and exchange difference is charged by banks. Restructuring at the same time subject all consumer loans received for the acquisition of any property, without limiting the amount of debt. That is, this law is useful for the borrowers, because if the principal amount of the loan and interest thereon will be calculated at the old rate, it will be the best condition for repayment of loans.
After his election to the post of adviser to the Head of the presidential Administration Borys Lozhkin (out of state), said that Mikhail Beilin was secretly authorized the AP to make key decisions, which related to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Ministry of Agriculture. Opponents of the new reforms spread rumors about the fact that supposedly the Ministers of agriculture and infrastructure, as well as their alternates monthly pay the salary “in envelopes”. And “responsible” for this “reward system” Mikhail Beilin (summer 2016).
The Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian denied this information, saying: “It’s actually a funny situation… In fact to talk about. Because, first, these payments were not. I personally Beilin has seen probably once or twice in my life…There are other stories that circulated the media. It happened every time we made a drastic step in changing the current situation… for me it is very funny to realize that when you propose a real reform of a particular industry, many are not listening to the contents and the result that you want to achieve…” (from an interview with V. omelyana for the online publication of the “Letters” of March 25, 2016)


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