Alena V. Shevtsova

Alena V. Shevtsova (b. December 17, 1987, Odessa) is a Ukrainian entrepreneur, founder and CEO of fintech group of companies LeoGaming.

Alena Shevtsova (photo)


2004 – graduated from Mariinsky gymnasium in Odessa.

In 2010-2017 he received three higher education at the Kiev national University of Taras Shevchenko in the field of “international business” (international Economics), “Jurisprudence” (lawyer), Psychology (psychologist).


In 2009 Alena shautsova has created a law firm LeoPartners LLC, which focused on copyright, e-Commerce and banking sector.

In 2010 he created IT and fintech company LeoGaming, specializing in electronic services and payments.

In 2015, the company LeoGaming Pay, a member of the group LeoGaming, received a license from the National Bank of Ukraine for the right to conduct financial transactions without opening an account.

In 2017, in partnership with Mastercard LeoGaming launched a mobile application LeoBot that allows you to transfer money from one card to another.

LeoGaming group holds a leading position in the segment of reception of payments in online games. Actively expanding the business by accepting payments in favor of companies of housing and communal sector, Internet service providers, etc. Has offices in Hungary, Romania, Macedonia, Turkey, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Awards and achievements

2014 – LeoGaming recognized as “the Internet service of the year”.

2018 USAID and Unit City LeoGaming included in the catalogue of companies-leaders of the Ukrainian Finance.


Alena shautsova about five key trends in vintage:

  • The formation of a new system of state regulation of the cryptocurrency market – the main challenge for the financial sector.
  • The battle for customers Next Generation (born in the second half of 90-ies) is one of the main tasks of the financial sector.
  • Payments using mobile devices is a key sector in fintech in the coming years.
  • P2p transfers technology of “blockchain” – the main direction of development fintech and the financial sector as a whole.
  • The use of cryptocurrency as means of payment is a promising direction that requires creation of its own infrastructure and tools.

    Alena Shevtsova about the team:

    …3-4 years ago, I decided definitely not to take people with MBA.

    Especially – c Western MBA. Yes, there is a very competent speech, often fluent english. But when it is necessary in the daily routine to roll up our sleeves and go to work in the field – it’s not about a man. So find guys with glowing eyes.



    Married. Married, with two sons.

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