A Ivakhiv Stepan Petrovych

The people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of VII and VIII convocations. Member of the permanent Commission for international cooperation, foreign economic relations and investments. Deputy Chairman of the parliamentary group “people’s Will”. Co-owner of the “Continent oil trade” (a network of filling stations WOG). The owner of the group “continuum”.


Stepan Ivakhiv was born 24 January 1968 in the village of Ostrozhets ‘ Dubno district in Rivne region.


Higher education. In 1988 entered the Rivne Institute of water management. Graduated in 1992

Entrepreneurial, business, policy

Stepan Ivakhiv, Ukrainian millionaire, began his business career with the tailoring of leather jackets, a great optimist and a failed politician. Learning from last year (1992), the Rivne Institute of water management, the students of Igor Yeremeyev and Stepan Ivakhiv have created a private enterprise “continuum”. Now both are co-owners of the Fig. Stepan Ivakhiv – President of the group.
Friends and partners from tailoring of jackets switched to energy trading. In the mid-90s have created a joint venture “West oil group”. Then there was the brand West Oil Group (WOG), which now employs more than 300 stations. In parallel with the oil group is Trade house “West milk group”, which includes about a dozen dairies.
April 2002 – unsuccessfully funded before the election, the party “New generation”. The candidate in people’s deputies of Ukraine from party “New generation of Ukraine”, in the electoral list No. 8.
March 2006 – No. 133 in the list of the bloc of Lytvyn, has not passed in Parliament.
2010 – Deputy of the Volyn regional Council.
In 2012 he was elected a people’s Deputy of Ukraine, the independent candidate on the district No. 21.
26 October 2014 early parliamentary elections he was elected Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine VIII convocation from one-mandatory election district № 21 (Volyn region).
04.12.2014 – member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on construction, urban development, housing and communal services.


Stepan Ivakhiv is legally married. Spouse Svetlana Ivakhiv (1973). Have two daughters – Tatiana (1994), Anna (born in 2012) and son Anton (2003 p.).


Stepan Ivakhiv – billionaire. He declared as family property full rings, pearl necklaces, pendants, several pairs of gold cufflinks with precious stones, gold watch, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Parmigiani. And in his Declaration set a long list of very expensive things, furs, three dozen land plots with total area of 203 thousand square meters, four apartments (2517 m), five cars and a pile of securities.
Also S. Ivakhiv is the owner and co-owner of the largest number of companies involved in construction and real estate, among the members of the parliamentary Committee on construction and housing and communal services. They had as much as 11! The owner of the hotel “Rixos” in Truskavets.
Current fantastically successful tender business Stepan Ivahiva and it (to share with Laguros) of “Neftetreyd Resource” was preceded by the even more successful the bid business administration and it (in proportion with Ivujivik and Laguros) companies. In particular, in the period 2011-2013 “Ukrzaliznytsya” entered into with the firms OOO “Ukrposhta-Avtotreyd”, LLC “WOG Aero trade”, JSC “Kherson oil refinery”, MP “Impex” and “continuum-Galicia” tender contracts totaling 17,27 billion! In 2014-2015, LLC “VOG trade” won 885 tenders totaling 3,174 billion. Among her biggest customers was the Ministry of the interior (600 million), the Central base of providing national guard under (283 million), “Kievenergo” (159 million), the Administration of seaports of Ukraine.
Of the 11 billion earned in public tenders by the defendants ( 90 MPs), the share of Ivahiva have 4, 876 billion. Of these, 2,137 billion accounts for his firm OOO “Neftetreyd Resource” (LLC “Avtotreid Resource”), and only for the period 2016-2017 with state agencies entered into more than two thousand contracts.


“The salary of 14 thousand UAH I don’t get, but send the money to charity to support institutions of culture and education of his district and Shatsky district in particular. Refused his benefits, from housing, live in the apartment rented for private, not public funds. Think of yourself as a self-sufficient person who is able to afford it”.
For the solution of problems in the province MP raises funds of state and regional budgets. Continue to operate the program, which started a charity Fund “Patriots of Volyn”. Social facilities of Shatsk district: thanks to the Fund was replaced by the glazing, insert a new door purchased boilers, repair of Shatsk district House of culture, street lighting Shatskaya, the sewer of the village, covering of the roof in Shatsk’s garden No. 1, completion of school I-III century the town of Shatsk.
According to the program of Fund “Patriots of Volyn” Stepan Ivakhiv on the funds of his charitable Foundation opened a modern sports complex in his native village Andreevka of the Busk district, Lviv region. Built modern sports complex: football field with artificial turf size 42 x 64 meters, treadmills, sector for jumps, and a universal Playground for playing basketball and volleyball. The total cost of the facility built according to UEFA standards – about 5 million UAH.


In the early 2000-ies Ivakhiv Stepan Petrovych, was seen in raiding. Was also accused of evading taxes (this is related to the Corporation “Galychyna”).
In 2003, against employees of the Corporation Stepan Ivahiva was prosecuted. They were accused of tax evasion. Two years later, when Ukraine was the Orange revolution, the inspections of the tax service of all assets of S. Ivahiva was stopped.
Two years later he began a period of vigorous activity, which contributed to the construction of a serious political career. Stepan Ivakhiv, not even being the people’s Deputy, managed to quarrel with the Minister of justice Roman Zvarych. The official was accused of Stepan Ivahiva and his companion Igor Yeremeyev meddling in the work of the Ministry of justice.
In 2011, one of the corporations was fined Ivahiva on the market. It turned out that he agreed with the other owners of gas stations on the rise in gasoline prices.
In 2014, Stepan Ivakhiv scored so many disappointed in it. He was one of the MPs who voted for the laws that limited the rights and freedom of expression of the Ukrainian people.

The king of tender fraud
Construction methods companies Stepan Ivahiva cause numerous issues, and often lead to the disturbance of Kiev. For example, in winter 2017, the rally reached the residents of the street Mechnikov, whose homes are literally being destroyed due to being built nearby skyscraper. They were supported by activists of the movement “Stop corruption”, which publicly told how and for how much Ivakhiv received permission to build his “monster.”
But Ivakhiv has succeeded not only in this. In the spring of 2017 he won first place in the ranking of the parliamentary tenderstem – deputies, whose declared firms in the period from 2008 to 2017, most often won the tenders of public procurement. Note: companies are not recorded on mothers-in-law and sisters, as is usual in the big Ukrainian business and its own declared. And here Ivakhiv has left far behind all, even the former Head of the Presidential Administration of times of the “mode” of Sergey Levochkin and the current presidential business partner Ihor Kononenko.

From public sources you can see that the largest customers “Neftetreyd Resource” were: management of the National police (464 million), several branches of “Ukrtransgaz” (over 200 million), the base material support of the national guard (176 million), “Rivneoblenergo”, “Lvivoblenergo” and “volynyoblenergo (about 120 million). We can only guess about how Stepan Ivakhiv got these fatty tenders! After all, the problem is that the reputation of LLC “Neftetreyd Resource” as a participant of the tenders is not just a long tarnished. The name POPs up regularly in the scandalous revelations. Here are some of them:

In 2016, the management of the Lviv railway (Lviv salzitza) held a tender for the purchase of gasoline and diesel fuel (fuel cards), which took part four companies: LLC “Tekhoyl Realtor” (16,62), JSC “OKKO-business Contact” (loss of 16.85), “lions petroleum” (22,50) and OOO “Neftetreyd Resource” (19,99) — in parentheses are the proposed prices for gasoline a-95. This tender was an example of corruption of the new time, not too different from the corruption of the former “regimes”. It would seem that the favoured “Tekhoyl Realtor”, but they are generally removed from the auction under the pretext of noncompliance with the terms of the tender – without explaining exactly how. Then the officials of the Lviv railway suddenly went blind in one eye and not noticed the existence of “OKKO-business”, owned by businessman Vitaly Antonov, the owner of a network “OKKO” and eternal rival Ivahiva. Then they “with a clear conscience,” declared the winner of the tender LLC “Neftetreyd Resource”, because it is the only remaining competitor “lions petroleum” offered fuel at a even greater price! As a result of these cynical manipulation of the state has lost about 4 million UAH – it is so much fuel from “Neftetreyd Resource” cost more expensive than if it was purchased from its competitors. In addition to this scandal, almost any other: the journalists asked a question, and then the management of the Lviv railway 1.1 million litres of petrol, but still on the cards? Because the locomotives it does not go and Park service vehicles (refueled A-95) “Luvsick salsnes” small! This question Lviv railway officials, scowling, like owls stubbornly refused to give a straight answer.

The tender for the purchase of fuel by state-owned enterprise “lvovugol”, held in may 2016, confirms the assumption that OOO “lions petroleum” is a dummy firm. The “competition” was attended by only two firms: “lions petroleum” and open company “WOG Retail”, which is also a business Empire of Stepan Ivahiva (and his companions). Everything went like clockwork: “lions petroleum” suggested the fuel at an inflated price, and “VOG Retail” almost won the tender of $ 28,15 million hryvnias! But this story was one long-forgotten caveat, excavated indifferent seekers of the truth : in 2002, the firm “Lviv petroleum” became one of the founders of the “CIS-SP”, and the second founder was the company “West oil group” business partners Ivahiva Stepan and Igor Yeremeyev. And, then, their share has been issued to the company “Neftetreyd Resource” — which implies that she is the companion of “lions petroleum”!

24 January 2017 municipal enterprise “Combine of municipal economy” of Drohobych held a tender for the purchase of diesel fuel and gasoline. The auction was attended by two competitors: “OKKO-business Contact” and “Neftetreyd Resource”. At this time, the trades themselves are fair and transparent, and the victory which offered a lower price “Neftetreyd Resource” it seemed completely legitimate. The way it was, but not for long. The next day after signing the contract Manager “Neftetreyd” met again with drogobytsky officials, and they… began to change the conditions of tender in the direction of increasing fuel prices! Moreover, this was done three times, and on 3 February, the price of fuel from “Neftetreyd” increased by 25%! It was truly a new word in the sphere of tender scams.

In June 2017 municipal enterprise “international airport Nikolaev” June 2, signed with “Avtotreid Resource” agreement for the purchase of 38.7 million liters of gasoline and diesel fuel. It was a Scam in which Ivakhiv has outdone himself! Had there been prior to this, mandatory tenders, the airport authority said. Furthermore, this agreement showed a flagrant violation: there was no price of fuel and the amount of the tender contract. The question arose: how do the responsible persons have signed this “useless scrap of paper”?

In response to journalists ‘ questions, the Director of the airport Sergey Filatov began to make excuses that, say, the price of fuel will change “as its procurement.” Soon, however, there were some accounting documents, according to which the price of fuel “Neftetreyd Resource” was very famous, but for some reason not included in the contract in “applications”.

This amount (thousand UAH 902) spoke eloquently that the average cost of fuel for this “secret agreement” the average is 23.3 per liter, much higher than corresponds to the wholesale and retail prices at filling stations of network WOG. Officials then said that the way it is, however, “Natureid” promised to provide airport cars discounts at the pump. Unanswered one question remained: how to give a discount on gasoline if the car of the Nikolaev airport will refuel them on the cards?
2008. The collapse of the Bank “Nadra”, through which its owners and managers stole from investors and the state billions, then brought them forth abroad or transferring to the accounts of Ukrainian companies.

Similar story for 2017: the police have launched a major investigation into the activities of PJSC “Bank for Investments and savings”, the main shareholders of which are Ivakhiv and lugur and related companies of the group “continuum”. The Bank suspected fraud schemes to withdraw money to shell companies from subsequent bankruptcy. Investigators have become convinced that Bank fraud is not limited. After recently (in 2015) was exposed diagram of “continuum”, which Ivakhiv and Eremeev used front companies to bankrupt their businesses – and in the end to evade payment of taxes. Then called companies such as “Continent Oil trade”, a “Resource Standard”, “TRANS-trade-oil”, “Marshal-trade-oil”, and the unpaid state taxes ranged from 1 to 2 billion hryvnia.
This explains the presence of Stepan Ivahiva such a large number of different firms and companies. It seems that the MPs-businessmen have mastered the pattern when the company first earns money but does not pay taxes, and then all of a sudden goes bankrupt and closes, and in its place out of the cage…another one appears.
(For more details on the topic of the incriminating evidence described in the article “Pseudo industrial power in the tender sandals and robs the widow of the deceased friend,” http://skelet-info.org)

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